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I had a very strange encounter a few nights ago. I was riding my bike on a road by the side of a big canal. It’s a very gloomy and dark road with a few vehicles here and there. It was around two clock in the night and I was the only one on the road. I often do these night outs with me and my bike it gives me peace. I was riding at about 80 mph and I could feel the cold breeze on my cheeks. I was enjoying the silence of the night and then suddenly I heard a loud scream. I stopped instantly. It came from the woods beside the road. I parked my bike on side and ran inside the woods. I heard it again this time louder. It was a kid’s voice, he was screaming Help! Help! I followed the voice but there was no one there.

I was like the hell??? I looked around but there was nobody there. Complete lonesomeness. I got terrified, I returned to my bike. I was sweating, I don’t know why but I was afraid. I felt the presence of someone but I couldn’t see anyone. Well, I rushed towards home. I went to bed quickly. I couldn’t shake that scream off of my head. I took some sleeping pills and went to sleep…

It was around 4.30 in the morning and I woke up with sweats and deep breaths. A nightmare woke me up. I was riding on that same road on my bike just me and myself and I heard that cry for help in my dream. But in my dream there was someone really there crying out loud for help. I rushed for help and I found myself lying there. My face all rotten and disfigured, like I was doomed by someone. That’s when I woke up.

It’s been two days and I still can’t wrap my head around this thing. It’s like my soul is corrupted and wants redemption, it’s caged inside and wants a way out, it wants to fly away and never come back. Maybe, ill figure out what’s lacking in me? What’s weakening me? Maybe it’s call for self-reflection.

Well, folks it was just something I wanted to take off of my chest, wanted to share it with you guys. This is all from me now until next time goodbye and peace out!!!


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