Zombie-Bots? Are They Possible?

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Test, test, do you copy?

Hey guys, @stempede is back again after a short hiatus - this is @ruth-girl!

In Greek the word nanos (νάνος) means dwarf. In science the prefix nano- is used to express quantities as small as  10-9 (one billionth). Nanotechnology is rising nowadays and @sustainablyyours just rocked a post explaining his cool conspiracy theory based on scientific evidence and pure... paranoia!

An enjoyable read you should definitely check out!!

Nanobots and the coming zombie apocalypse

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Irrelevant fun fact of the day:

A tiger's stripes always display a unique pattern, like a fingerprint. (source)

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Irrelevant question of the day:
Do we know all tigers stripes are in unique patterns for a fact through genetic testing, or through empirical evidence?

Another one who is ruining my plan to rule the world... ;)

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