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Targeted Protein Labeling Through Amber Codon Suppression Technology

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Greetings @justtryme90 !Very interesting and promising this work, I understand that the mechanism of action is similar to that of tumor markers? and on the other hand, would the function of the protein be affected?

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Excellent question!! The function of the protein can very much be affected, this is a possibility in any covalent modification of a protein, and even more so by the addition of a non natural amino acid. However one can do a variety of standard biochemical assays to probe enzyme function and if things do not appear significantly perturbed (greater than a 5% deviation from wild type rates) then we would likely suspect that the labeling is not causing a significant difference. However we would not actually know! That's one of the drawbacks to studying things this way. We have no better way to see these movements really, so it's a drawback that we have to mitigate as best we can!


You must continue with the investigation, suddenly you will find new answers and serendipities....


Well someone must at least :D