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RE: Some thoughts about STEM on Steem - bonus: a complete introduction to particle physics

in #steemstem5 years ago

Science is the only tool that can be used to find solutions to the problems the world is currently facing. Nothing including religion can be an alternative to this. Deep rooted societal issues could be eradicated only by means of science.

I don't find anything wrong in the steemstem community coming to the front. Laymen have gotten the opportunity to interact with scientists. What else can be greater than this for a human's perspectives to get broader!?


The SteemSTEM project is one amongst many steem projects. After almost 2 years of existence, it is clear we still have a long way to go but we are on the good way :)

Yes lemouth..I have known other projects too. But I'm sure nothing else has contributed to the well-being of human like science. So it should be on top in our hearts and also steemit.

So it should be on top in our hearts and also steemit.

I wish that too :)

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