Un'altra regola da seguire è non dire mai il luogo in cui sei andato! lol

Solo la provincia!

It's such a shame when folks suffer from poor identification of mushrooms. The Amanita phalloides is an introduced species here in western North America, and it is spreading. So more people will suffer here, too. But so many edible mushrooms are easy to identify with confidence. I am thankful for that! Very nice photos, @sardrt!

Dear, where are you, are you ok?, we miss you from around two monts ago that you do not post, your interesting topics and foraging adventures, and participations in the great contest that steemironchef.
we hope you havee been good times and your helth are good, remember here in El Salvador Central América some guy which love the foraging miss you to see your amazing and great post here.
By the way many many thanks a lot for your support to me, i am glad and good for it.
have a great day and please tell me that you are good and happy.
thanks a lot for teach me about the foraging.
Best regard @galberto

Yummy mushrooms , vibrant colors.

many thanks

Oh, that's a very good collection of mushrooms, I like it very much.
The mushrooms in the first picture really made me interested, unique, beautiful and rare with a very tempting color display.
Best regards to you

thanks a lot, is a Amanita Muscaria

What is the meaning of the word Amanita Muscaria, I don't understand about that


Wow !!! dear what a lovely collection of mushrooms and very well written blog. Great Photography . Thanks for the information. greetings ^_^

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Many thanks !!

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