Beginnings of oil extraction

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Hello steem friends, on many occasions when we are used to seeing something or we use it in daily form, we forgot its origins, and it is not relevant to know when it began to be used, as well as who was the one who, by dint of imagining and experiment, achieved an invention that would change the course of things. In this case, it is oil, I found it interesting to be able to make a publication where I can summarize how it started, how it was extracted and how I achieved success, which made humanity revolutionize forever.

Beginnings of the Extraction of Hydrocarbons in the world.

Thus, it lies from the beginning of the establishment of the main civilizations of the world where a human need has developed for the improvement of the quality of life of its members; in times immemorial, where they use the seep of hydrocarbons as sources of supply for several eminently energetic tasks. The gas burned in the same place of its appearance served to light in many places of the earth. The first pipeline, made of hollow logs of wood, to carry out a fire in Fredonia, New York State, was built in 1825. The oil was used for lighting by torches, for caulking boats; as waterproofing; as cement or paste in buildings and even in medicinal applications.

West of Pennsylvania, during the black gold rush

Centuries ago, the Chinese developed methods and expertise to make wells in search of salt and water. However, as a starting point for the effort of the commercial and formal oil industry, the well finished as a producer on August 28, 1859, by Colonel Edwin L. Drake. This well, located in the vicinity of the town of Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania, reached the depth of 21.2 meters per pumping produced 25 barrels per day. For that date, the price of crude oil was $ 16 per barrel.

Beginnings of the Exploration of Hydrocarbons.

The first formal exploratory effort compensated for the efforts of the Pennsylvania Oil Company, a company created on December 30, 1854, to drill and search for oil in Pennsylvania, a burden from its operations superintendent Edwin L. Drake. At the beginning of the industry, exploration techniques for locating wells were based on the general generation that oil followed the course of water. Therefore, valleys and stream beds and rivers were favorite places to drill.

1886, Pennsylvania water well, probably one of the wells at Thorn Creek

The abundance with which the discovery of oil deposits was achieved, the location of the windows of the iridescent reflections of oil that floated on the water, greatly influenced the mood of the first explorers for health since the beginning of the applications of available geological technical knowledge.



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