I don't really understand how a shift from 2d world to 3d could occur. Could you somehow clarify that?

Some scientist even propose that for the short time after the Big Bang our universe was 1 dimensional line. They say that transition happens at some point when universe "cools down", 1D -> 2D was expected at 100 TeV energy, 2D -> 3D at 1 TeV, more in the literature:

Thank you for your comment :)

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Nice post. Chaos can actually also exist for systems with dimensions less than 3. A famous example of a 1 dimensional chaotic system is baker map -> Here is a proof

Thank you, gonna check this baker map :)

Time being another dimension - maybe nothing indeed 'happens'? Maybe we just have an illusion of the change? It's all very puzzling. Exciting times, isn't it?