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RE: The Middle Stone Age in Southern Africa :Dating and Palaeoenvironments

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Great work @zest, it appears you have an in depth knowledge of archaeology and the ways of rediscovering ancient history.
I am wondering if you can help me. ? I am following some trails about paleoparasitology and seeing how those same parasites are affecting humanity today. Would you know where I can find references to parasites about 10,000 years ago, especially around the mediterranean ..?


Thank you so much @quantummonks for a really confidence boosting comment, your topic is really intriguing, I would really like to assist you, it would also be a learning experience for myself. If you can please DM me on Steemit chat, I will check with my collegues on how to obtain that information.

Hi Zest, sure your interest would be welcome. New to chat, so I will check it out..

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