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RE: Bugs in the news: Corn snot helping end hunger and pollution

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I think this is cool and simultaneously worrying - I'm allergic to almost all cereals. My allergy self is concerned soon there will be foods chockablock with corn proteins making me rash and not knowing why. ;) Maybe that's not how corn snot modified into other potential plants will work, but my allergies make me paranoid! XD
Like honestly, that's my biggest GMO question, and I can't find diddly squat about it when I've looked. If they're using, say, a shellfish gene, and I'm allergic to shellfish, will it have the proteins that set me off in the modified food? Is this a possible reason for the spike in food allergies in the world? I don't know. I want more studies!


@phoenixwren I'd never even thought about the allergen aspect, so thanks for bringing that up. In fact, it lead me intoa nice cozy research dive and I'm very strongly considering writing a post about it. In the mean time, the short answer is that you probably don't have to worry about it, at least relative to your risk from incidental contamination due to processing.

That's good to know; I'd love to read a post about what you found! When I've tried in the past I didn't have much luck.

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