LION / Hutchison - A possible explanation for the formation of observed vortex pairs

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In this document from the black vault looking at Ball Lightning research world wide, commissioned by USAF at end of 2001, beginning of 2002, it proposes the work of Kenneth Radford Shoulders as most desirable for future funding, however, it is not apparent Shoulders actually did receive any funding.

The document has a redacted section that is a "program the Air Force funded in the 1950s-60s" which was classified for military and space reasons.

Shoulders based his work on the work of W.H.Bostick that commenced in 1956. His later inspiration was the work of John Kenneth Hutchison.

The paper below, funded by the USAF and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, amongst others, formed part of Bostick's work in this period.

Bostick, W. H. (1966). Pair Production of Plasma Vortices. Physics of Fluids, 9(10), 2078. doi:10.1063/1.1761572

The observations reported by Bostick in the above paper are in line with physical structures in consecutive LION reactors and in the Hutchison Effect "Twisted Coral" sample possessed and analysed by the MFMP - with one important distinction, the LION and Hutchison effects structures were not formed in a typical plasma experiments.

Swirl in LION 2

Swirl in LION 1

MFMP Hutchison Effect Sample 'Twisted Coral' testing of 'Soliton Loop'

Slides from Sochi, Russia presentation

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Here is what those vortexes are and how they form


Page 43

For a magnetic field pointing towards the observer, a positive charge describes a circle in the clockwise direction. For a negatively charged particle Ωc must be replaced by −Ωc in the results of this sub-section. Hence, (4.30) shows that for a
negative charge φ(t) increases with time and the particle moves in a circle
in the counterclockwise direction.

Ions produce a chiral magnetic flux tube rotating in one direction whereas electrons produce a chiral magnetic flux tube rotating in the opposite direction.

Very interesting and valuable contribution Axil, this appears to confirm the electro-gravitic nature of this process..

This is a really macro phenomenon going on in the LION reactors, far larger than observed by Bostick and one would not, with traditional beliefs, expect the ambient air outside the core to be acting as a plasma - and yet it appears to have done.

It could permit some understanding of this 'Yin Yang' on the Hutchison 'Ball Burn' sample from 1986.

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