Explaining previous videos about Potassium and Charcoal

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Early in 2019, Bob Greenyer published a few videos with undisclosed purpose. Whilst it was stated that both Carbon from Charcoal and Potassium was intended to be used for specific reasons, a full explanation of these reasons were not given at the time. He clarifies below.

On 29 May 2019 this video was published.

On 30 May 2019 this video was published.

Two things in the second video were alluded to but not fleshed out:

  1. Leaves most exposed to light are shown to have higher potassium than the rest of the tree, I hypothesised that this is in part because of cold neutrino interaction (I talk about something in the environment interacting with the leaf). Konstantin Meyl said in his book 'Neutrino Power' [ISBN 978-3-940- 703-36-1 pp. 168-171] that the Chlorophyll molecule can interact with neutrinos, though he does not consider cold neutrinos, probably because, like most people, he is unaware of their very different properties.
    Subsequently, in October 2019, I read in Parkhomov's book whilst proofreading it, that plant leaves placed in front of a beta source can reduce the variability of stimulated emissions, the implications are that indeed yes, plant leaves interact with cold neutrinos, this has profound implications, not least the importance of having good tea, since good tea uses the two top leaves of the bush. I believe that 40K is critical to all life on earth.

  2. According to Ed. Storms, Les Case reported that his experiments failed when he could no longer get coconut charcoal from a south pacific island

"This hypothesis is supported by the fact that when the source of charcoal, made from a particular coconut collected from a South Pacific island, was no longer available, Case could not get the reaction to work ever again; no other charcoal would work in his device."

I hypothesised that this was because the south pacific island coconuts may have had a very much higher concentration of 14C due to the fallout from UK, France and US pacific nuclear testing, the intense neutron flux into the 78% 14N atmosphere would produce vast quantities of 14C via the 14N > 14C reaction

Pacific testing
UK Tests
French Tests included 41 atmospheric tests
US Tests

This 14C would be absorbed into the plants, as would 137Cs (replacing sodium and potassium as chemically equivalent) and 90Sr (replacing Ca as chemically equivalent). Even thermonuclear bombs have a fission trigger.

14C, 90Sr and 137Cs are all beta isotopes and susceptible to stimulated cold neutrino inverse beta decay, the details and proof of this process is discussed in Alexander Parkhomov's book SPACE. EARTH. HUMAN. New views on science

A video discussion on some of these motivations is here

14C and 40K as passive Cold Neutrino Detectors?

Recorded on 8th June 2019

Mentions its use in future tests before trip to Japan for Project OHMA, Intended NOVA testing and why it was devised to get round criticism in previous Brown Gas remediation testing.

Below shows how the reaction vessels were sealed.


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