Dr. Andrija Puharich, rare Interview discussing Nikola Tesla, partial transcription

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Particle beams and Space Shields were made available for sale to US, Canada and Great Britain in the early 1900s.

Andrija PuharichThe man who brought Uri Gellar to US and worked out that the Russian DUGA radars, like the one at Chernobyl were implementations of Tesla's ELF technology discusses Nicolas Tesla.

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Making metal objects glow 'white hot' without heat and more - 13:37

Tesla discovered ways of making objects disappear, this we know

Er, I know a guy who was from Dupont, who is in charge of Navy battery construction and testing. And what they found out, they had batteries, big as this thing [gestures to table in front of him], to run - for submarines is what they did. And they had certain requirements that they had to [meet], where they threw the switch and shorted out the two poles of the battery, the, all the plates and the electrodes and everything had to withstand the surge of a hundred thousand Amperes. That’s an awful lot of juice, right? So they would short this thing, and it was all set up in a way that nobody could get hurt and they found out, if there was a wrench left in a room or some piece of metal it would suddenly vanish and this is ordinary workers, DC batteries and so on.

Now Tesla did this, and they [Dupont battery developers] found out that metal would levitate, a lot of other things. The main thing was vanishing and that man is alive [at the time of the recorded interview], a very reliable witness - a top Dupont official.

So anyway, urm, there's another thing that Tesla did that nobody had ever understood. He took three Tesla coils and placed them upright in a triangle and when you surge a juice through there, wasn't DC now, is AC, that objects would float and er, things like a wrench would get white-hot, but you could pick it [gestures grabbing the wrench with his hand] it had no temperature, it was just white hot. I mean it looked white hot, but it was white, but it wasn't hot [appearance of] ‘heat’ without energy.

Anyway this has been duplicated in Canada, a friend of mine, that I'm going to see, I want to see how they're doing with the experiment. So that is part of the mechanism, I haven’t explained, you know, why an atom can exist there, a cluster of atoms, that then somehow flip into another space, we call it ortho-rotation and they disappear, they go somewhere else and they tend to come back to the point of origin. It’s like, you know, they flip, they go out, they come back.