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RE: Helpful Guidelines For Crafting SteemSTEM Content

in #steemstem4 years ago

Absolutely, writing should be held to the same credibility standards as any other industry. The signal-to-noise ratio has made most content and sites on the Web has made most of them unbearable. Thanks for posting this.


I 100% agree. The end goal of our project is not to make STEM content on steemit as good as anywhere else, but rather far superior to anywhere else. Common sense standards (and reasonable ones) will really help us achieve that goal. :) Its clear that so many other sites just don't care. We CAN be better than all that.

Absolutely we will. Thanks for great response.

@justtryme90 - I thought about proposing a #factcheck service to try and bring the level of accuracy and credibility to the posts, comments and discussions to a level that other civilizations might agree with as being less subjective than hearsay (because I think we can be better than all that too):

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