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RE: The Brain: Meditation, Flow and Literati Art

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Yay! I set up @ginabot to notify whenever someone mentions 'neuroplasticity'. It seldom fails to connect me with awesome Steemians who share valuable content like you do! I am glad I found you. This post is wonderful! I started working with the flow, literally. When I started doing yoga 12 years back. I wish you all the best for the contest. I already feel like a winner! :)


Neuroplasticity ties in nicely with how the Buddhists try to make themselves at peace with never-ending change, or impermanence as they sometimes call it.

I can't help but quote one of my favorite passages from the book All That Man Is:


I get a headache when I try to comprehend 'eternal'. Or the nature of 'reality'. As time passes, I find myself becoming more simple. I had a dog once who loved to go outside. So often I didn't take the time, didn't have the patience. Wish I had the opportunity to take that dog outside now. So, it's quite basic for me: stop, pay attention, try to be kind and patient. I'm bound to fall short of the mark, but I can try.

Got no mana, so I simply tell you how much I like that quote and your comment, @alexander.alexis. :)
It is beautiful though it has the element of confusion. I like it a lot. The book is called "All That Man Is"?

Yup, by David Szalay. I like the quote a lot too, it's a great encapsulation of the logical consequences of the idea that we should only care about what's permanent and cling to nothing else. The book is generally funny and well-written and often insightful.

So nice to meet you! It's funny. I liked the post when I put it up, and I loved working on it. Then I had doubts. I kept seeing flaws. But now I see it through your eyes, and it looks good again. Thanks for that gift:)

The best thing about Steemit is the people. Your comment reminds me of that.
I'm going to check out your blog now.

I like to hear that! You're welcome. I am happy I found you. :)
Usually, my content is less provoking and more about mindfulness, meditation, neuroplasticity, gardening, spirituality, yoga, meditation … all those topics that I love the most. I am just going through a tough phase in my journey right now which reflects in my current blogposts. Being positive has attracted a lot of abusive people and I am right now working on my boundaries a lot.

I'm sorry about the abusive people. I don't get it--hate, negativity. Nature can be quite brutal. Look at the parasitic wasp, for example that lays eggs in a living organism and has its larvae grow off that organism. So much suffering all around (Buddha got it right, I think). The best we can do as humans, with rational thought, is to soften that brutality, whenever possible. Usually, it's not possible.
Keep your positivity. It's the source of your strength. Tune out the other stuff. Wishing you a bright day and an end to the difficulty you are experiencing.
(If I sound philosophical--I'm old. It's a privilege of age 🙂. One of the few benefits)

I love philosophy. Go ahead! :) I often feel that what we call negative is nothing but a chance for us to grow in decision-making.

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