Science Practical : A Pictorial View of my Cucumber Farm

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Hello stemians,

Today I will be talking about my cucumber farm and other plants i will be growing subsequently. I don't just write about science articles, i also practice. I will be brief with today's article, since it's all about a pictorial view of my farm. Permit me to say this, "if i'm not writing, i am farming".

This is actually my first time of planting cucumber and the yield is wooooooooow.

So so excited!

Cucumber and it's Benefits

Cucumber is a plant which is scientifically known as cucumis sativus. It i is made of water and other significant nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, as well as follic acid (the inner flesh), fibre, magnesium, and potassium (the skin), which is helpful to our health.

Cucumber is good for skin care , it controls blood pressure, prevents constipation, promotes hydration and it is good for diabetic patience.

Now let me take you to my cucumber farm. See pictures below.....


Just came into my farm


Cross section of my cucumber farm


Inspecting the cucumbers




Cucumber ready for harvest


Having a taste of my cucumber with my manager.
I have contacted buyers and will begin sales immediately.

More money for me....



Lettuce bed and fertilizer

Made a bed for the next plant which is the lettuce plant. Fertilizers are ready and will begin planting by weekend..

In my farm, I also have plants like garden egg and pineapple but they are in a small quantity.

In few months to come will build structures to begin my animal production. Looking at poultry farming and piggery.

Grow a plant today you will be amazed you did...

Thank you!

Image credit @masterwriter


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@masterwriter, I love all of these pictures of your farm! You are doing well there, and they look delicious. Congratulations on your harvest and success.


Hey! @mitneb where have you been? Good to hear from you again. Thanks for stopping by.

where in Nigeria are you, i want to come for my own share of the cucumber.


In the city of port Harcourt


Send mine to Lagos