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RE: Sex Differences: Do females and males have different brains? Pt 2

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Hey @alexander.alexis, this is a spectacular in-depth blog, thank you for your efforts!

What impressed me the most is how simplified was the technical information presented, regarding the effect of hormones on individuals' behaviour.

Most studies, it bears mentioning, do not control for menstrual cycles. It would be kinda ironic, if the reason they don't control for this was in order to avoid being accused of sexism, and in their doing so they promoted sexism!

Well, welcome to 2018 :P

Please keep up the quality work!



I must say the 'bars mentioning' wasn't a typo. I wanted to imply the reverse of 'bears', another way of saying 'it goes without saying'. Now that I look at it again tho I don't know if it makes much sense!

Oh, okay! Your sarcasm was too advanced, plus I make millions of typos daily (I always exaggerate like this :P). At least I didn't point it out! I'm not that much of a jerk :P

Your work is definitely not one of those that are prone to typos!

Thanks for your kind words! Same goes to you!

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