My favorite gadget: the NASA Chef Knife

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Despite what we could think, knives can also be considered as high-tech gadgets! At least, they were high-tech gadgets back in the days, i.e. 2.5 millions year ago (according to Wikipedia, as indicated here).

[image credits: homemade ]

For this reason, they definitely consist in proper objects to enter the STEM gadget contest announced by @themarkymark. After all, the rules specified that the gadgets could have been used in the past, but did not properly define what past exactly meant….

As said above, knives are used since the early days of mankind.

At this time, they were made of some of the rocks or pieces of bone that could have been gathered around by the first men. Without 4G and with only basic technology (i.e. arms and legs), life was very different.

Today, knives are made of a blade and a handle (although some rarer specimen may be exception to this rule), which contrasts with the early-day versions.

Over the centuries, improvements came, in particular thanks to metallurgy. In particular, more modern knives are made of steel or other composite materials. A modern specimen can be admired in the above picture, with its super-hype yellowish plastic handle.

In terms of usage, we can do many things with a knife, the spectrum ranging from hunting and combat to getting some food. This last point, very relevant for the last part of this post, is illustrated on the picture below.

[image credits: homemade ]

Without a knife, it could indeed be complicated to pick the zucchinis from the zucchini plant without destroying the plant. I tried that out this morning (the yellow knife was mine, as are those zucchinis… for now, until they will get eaten).

The same holds for eggplants or any other type of food one could particularly enjoy in this season (although not in the Southern hemisphere where melted cheese may be more in order).

From the stone age to high-tech knife

Today, much more high-tech knives exist. For instance, every single good chef in the world should own a NASA Chef Knife. That is definitely a cool gadget to possess (note: my 3rd Steem anniversary was a couple of days ago; please think about me!).

[image credits: M (CC BY-SA 4.0) ]

This knife is patented as the sharpest and most durable knife. It looks like the one in the picture, although for an exact image, please follow this link (where plenty of copyrighted images can be found).

This knife has been made out of the very same metal alloy developed by the NASA engineers. Thanks to its amorphous atomic structure, it overcomes all the issues known from steel or ceramic knives (breaking, getting quickly dull, etc.). It is for instance twice a strong as titanium, self-sharpening (yes this is a thing!) and corrosion-resistant (so that food will not damage it).

In other words, this is a true gadget that should be available at any home for a successful cooking time (note: please do not try to cook the knife itself…).

A small step for a man, a giant leap for my stomach!

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I don't think I would have survived for long in a world where arms and legs are the most advanced form of technology 😃

Now, I just would like to know what was the fate of those zuchinis? A quiche, perhaps? :)

Some of them went to a "ratatouille" (an admixture of eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, onions and various herbs) and some of them are still there, waiting for the next barbecue ;)

We also got a lot of fruits (kilos of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and red currants) so that we will have jam for next year (and some pies in a more immediate future :) ).

You can check more here.

A NASA Chef Knife. To think of all the years I cooked and never had such a grand knife. Actually, when my children were small I used to hide all the knives. I don't think I would have let such a knife in the house.

But come to think of it, the safest knife is a sharp knife. Less likely to slip and do mischief :)

Good luck in the contest. Nice gadget.

The same holds for me. Although it looks cool, I have never got any (and I actually didn't even try to check the price ;) ). Although thus may be nice to show off when guests are visiting :D

I have no chance with the contest: I posted my entry after the deadline and I did not resteem the initial post. In fact, I was not even planning to write anything. It is just a matter of circumstances (i.e. reading about that NASA knife plus the small knives used in the morning for my vegetable harvesting time) that made me think about writing maybe something light for a change.

We have to let the light in, even those of us who investigate dark matter :))
I believe in whimsy. It makes the hard parts tolerable. Have a great summer with your family.

Do you mean... a dark knife? :D


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