Some news after being two months away

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My activities on Steem really decreased during the last two months, reaching almost zero (although not exactly zero). I apology for this, but being a researcher and the related daily life are something very demanding and intense.

[image credits: insspirito (Pixabay) ]

During the last 3 months, my work took over most of my energy. I was spending almost 90 hours per week on research, the rest of the time being mostly given to family (and sleep).

The price to pay for this crazy schedule included in particular the hibernation of my personal blog on Steem, and a drastic reduction of most of my work for SteemSTEM.

Skipping any detail, I am currently finalizing a huge research work (about simulations at colliders such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN) that was initiated in 2013 and I am working on 7-8 quickly moving projects (on dark matter, new phenomena in particle physics at the LHC and future colliders, and high-energy physics tools). They all require a lot of attention.

In addition, it is also the end of the academic year, which requires a lot of efforts from me. This happens when one stands on the dark side of the desk.

Things are however getting calmer and calmer, so that I can (slowly) consider going back to SteemSTEM and resurrect my blog.

What to expect from me in the following weeks?

[image credits: Free-Photos (Pixabay) ]

First of all, I will communicate again about actual research in particle and astroparticle physics. I will try to post one article on Steem per week in English, as well as one in French.

Secondly, I will interact with other SteemSTEM users as was the case before. For the days of good mood, I may also even restart reading in French again.

And the last but not least, I will inject again some momentum in the development of the SteemSTEM community. For now, my priorities are the following:

  • Restart the development of the app, possibly this time with some help;
  • Continue the development of useful bots and scripts for anything that could happen behind the scene;
  • Take care of the weekly distilled series highlighting a few of the best selected posts of the week;
  • Help in increasing the SteemSTEM visibility outside Steem (as it was before);
  • Reimbursing the SteemSTEM debt (of about 1500 USD).

That’s all for now. For more information or questions, do not hesitate to leave me a comment (or contact me anywhere I could be reached ;) ).

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the dark side of the desk

😄 Well that's a fun new expression!

But the end of the academic year means you'll be more relaxed during summer right? Any vacations planned?

I will take three weeks off to breath a little. But in fact, summer time means more research as the size of the admin tasks decreases by a significant factor. In other words, yes I will be more relaxed as I will spend more time with what I like most!

Welcome back!
Very nice. Currently I see some authors/Steemers coming back after some months of absence (for diverse reasons).

I didn't know others disappear at the same time as I did (although I was actually still present on discord, but not on public channels). It is anyways good to see people are coming back :)

Great to hear from you @lemouth. Things have been going pretty slow for a while so any potential bump in the SteemSTEM community is exciting. I've got a post I've been slowly working on so I'll try to get it up in the next few weeks.

Also, totally understandable that research and family take precedence over SteemSTEM, but hopefully your work schedule decreases once you complete some of these projects. 90 hours a week just isn't healthy.

Let's hope I will manage to generate a bump... This is still unclear to me. Looking to the statistics (at the end of the distilled), there are less and less supported posts per week. I am of course looking forward to read your new post (I really understand how long writing can take ;) ). How are things with the (not so new anymore) baby?

Also, totally understandable that research and family take precedence over SteemSTEM, but hopefully your work schedule decreases once you complete some of these projects. 90 hours a week just isn't healthy.

Yes, unhealthy is definitely the word. I am feeling actually quite fed up with everything at the moment. I simply need... to breathe. Hopefully the upcoming summer will help (although the weather is really bad at the moment).

Things with the baby are great! Thanks for asking!

Welcome back!

Thanks! :)

It's great to have you back! Looking forward to reading more about your projects.

I will write about them in due time (at least not before having the paper out).

I understand, I can wait! xD

See you around here!

man, and i thought I was keeping busy :p ... i don't see any reason to apologize for having a personal life and a drive , in the words of mister Cardone : be obsessed or be average ... it's good to have you back

bit short on RC lately, partly to avoid talking too much heh - probably the first time i ever heard anyone apologize for being too busy to blog because they're working on dark matter and solving the universe, lol

always a pleasure

Thanks for the kind words! Note that I am not trying to solve the universe, but only to contribute with the means I have to better understand it :)

Welcome back sir.

I am currently finalizing a huge research work (about simulations at colliders such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN)

I hope to read about this when you've finalized it. Glad to know that things are getting calmer and you're resurrecting your blog again :) 😂😂

I will definitely write something about that when the preprint will be out. You however can easily count a couple of weeks before seeing this. We are 7 authors so that it takes some time to agree on a 70 pages long paper (yes it is that long ;) ).

I will try to write something today or tomorrow concerning physics.

U're warmly welcome back, @lemouth. Steemstem has really missed you.

I, personally, will be looking forward to your upcoming posts. The world of physics is very wide and diverse. As an engineering physicist, I'm beginning to fall in love more with astro- and particle physics.

I will then try to feed your love as much as I can! Thanks for your kind words!

Alright, sir. U're welcome.

Glad to see you back, @lemouth. I have no idea how you manage a 90 hour work week, but I hope things settle down for you, because that dosen't exactly sound healthy to me.

It was not very healthy (I even lost some weight in the process, believe it or not). The problem is that I have responsibilities so that I can't hide, and I love the projects I am on (so that I won't count the extra hours). I guess this is the story of the life of many researchers, to be honest ;)

Recharging energies as a family is healthy, on the other hand, not disconnecting from research is a priority to keep active. Best regards.

Some times, disconnecting is also good to be better at return. I hope this will hold as well for Steem in my case ;)

Wow...don't work too hard. It's great to have you.

I do not know what "too hard" means :)


It's really good to have you back Ben! Your role in this project is very important! :)

Thanks a lot for your trust Carlos!

It's quite awesome to have you back. I must confess that the past few weeks looked a bit gloomy but thanks to the few active members that were able to keep the blood flowing. Things should form shape back pretty quickly, I presume now that you are back. We want to try and shake things up a bit too within our sub community. Once again, it's really nice to have you back.

Thanks for passing by. I was still following what was going on with the support activities (that are getting to lower and lower levels, unfortunately). Let's see what can be done to invigorate the community again! :)

Reimbursing debts? To the authorities?


Welcome back. 90 hours per week in research, I had 80, use to. That was the reason to shift into the industry.



Reimbursing debts? To the authorities?

Somehow. To me and justtryme90 more precisely. We paid for both servers from our own pockets. After half a year, the total amount is today way too high, so that something needs to be done to reduce the total debt (there is no need to send it back to zero, but it should be at least substantially reduced).

Oh, I wasn't aware about this. Is it possible to keep it running without getting poor? Ask whether you need Support.

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There is no problem. We made a plan and things will get to more reasonable level with a few months. The idea is not to reimburse the debt (this would be possible at the price of a massive power down, which we won't do), but to at least stabilize it. This is more or less where we stand at the moment.

I'm curious! Thanks for all the work you are doing.



Congratulations @lemouth!
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Greetings from Venezuela


Welcome back!

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Thanks a lot! :)