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RE: Plasma gasification: turning waste into energy without hurting the environment.

in #steemstem3 years ago

I really like the idea. However, following the usual "there is no free lunch" paradigm, how much energy is employed by the plasma gasification plants? Is it really that green?

PS: there are much more than just 4 states of matter. You can take glasses for instance ;)


You would agree with me that there is no perfect system so i wouldn't vouch for it being 100% green but compared to the other methods, it si green.

While researching for this post, i learnt there are actually seven but i wouldn't want to "overdose" my readers.

I expected people like you to point that out.

Thanks for dropping by!

Then one should say greener instead ;)

Actually, I think we have many many sort of glasses. But this stands indeed at the level of the nasty detail :)

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