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RE: Probing cosmic neutrinos with a giant 200000 km2 detector

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China has space. We don't talk about 200 km2 but 200.000 km2. It is for instance 1/3 of France. The cheap part is to keep the full budget of the experiment under control. For now, one must proof that one can produce an antenna that does the job for 500 USD. This is a challenge, but not that crazy as well.

Why do we need such a big detector. The answer is partly given in the answer to @samminator. Very energetic cosmic rays interact with the Earth atmosphere and produce secondary particles, that produce tertiary particles when interacting, and so on. This shower takes space, and we thus need a widely spread detector to detect it entirely.


Oh, I see where the confusion came from. I'm more familiar with the use of comma as delimiter of choice instead of a dot. Hence I confused 200,000 to be 200 :)
Both are huge. Thanks for the clarification as I now understand the need for both choice of location and size of the antenna.

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Ah yeah. sorry about that. I have removed the dot from the title to make it clearer! :D

It is now as clear as day. Thank you :)

I guess that explains the question I had as to why it was harder to detect higher energy neutrino than lower one which seemed counter-intuitive at first. They interact with the upper atmosphere while the lower energy one won't or not as much.

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