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RE: Quantum Computing: The Next Generation Computing Giants

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nuclear fusion was also supposed to be a revolution in energy, same with the quantum computer fud. lots of hype to get fancy 'scientists' (showing complex formulea) funds from the taxpayers. we need higher taxes please. these quantum computers can only work at near absolute zero similar to nuclear fusion needing high temperatures like those inside the sun. oh what's up with global warming scientists? what's next scientists? oh i forgot AI which will drive automatic cars yet they cant even get trains to stay on the tracks


Oh...probably one should stop trying something that holds tremendous potential just because it is causing money. Right? Great thought dude.
Everything takes time. Its not like you'l enter the lab in the morning and come out in the evening with a design of a Quantum Computer or Nuclear fusion reactor.

True what you say, agree, but some science pumps are bogus bamboozeling money grabs like global warming, uh climate change uh global cooling uh quantum computing uh artificial stupidity

Ah...its better to try it while the world is facing an imminent danger in the future rather than sitting a mere spectator. And the electronic devices that you are using were not developed so easily. It took almost 7 decades to bring the computers to this form today. And quantum computing holds a lot of potential. It will take the world specially the medical sector to a much higher level

great discussion guys...I'm all for AI after all humans are doing a pretty good job of screwing up the planet. And I'm less & less sure about the scientists - each day as per @leeuw However, I do know the sun and the solar cyles - they are extremely predictable. the past is the key to the future ie. the Maunder, Glassberg & Dalton minimum plus the Eddy minimum that is now upon us. My question is how will computers & AI benefit us or themselves when the lights go out ??? just a thought...

today's scientists claim huge taxpayer funded handouts by echoing gov goals do the math welcome to the future of science and don't you dare to counter argue this gov mandated 'science' for example by using contradicting measurement data, you will be called flat earther or worse

Um, let me guess, the earth is flat?

yes (not) and the icecaps had molten away years ago - oh not yet? they will melt SOOOOON!

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