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RE: Sex Differences: Does the Chromosome Maketh the Man?

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Alex, I forgot to mention a small observation to my previous comment.
I noticed that you put some extra spaces [ ] in your text, perhaps you could not put spaces before dots, brackets? It would make your posts' appearance even sexier!
[Image where extra, not needed spaces are marked with yellow]


Oh yeah I noticed that, it happened at some point after I published the post, not immediately. So it's something to do with Steemit. I noticed my old posts also have it now.

I just noticed that it happened also to one of my posts, so yes, it should have to do with the recent update.

I think I see where the problem is. I clicked to edit the post, and I see the preview shows me this:


When I hover over that icon, a message appears saying "this link will take you away from". But when I cancel the edit, I get a blank instead of an icon (but I still get the hover-message). So I'm guessing it's something new they're working on.

Μαλλον ειναι μεσα στις αλλαγες που εχει κάνει, προφανώς βάζει το σηματάκι σε όλα τα λινκς για να δείξει ότι πρόκειται περί λινκ εκτός steemit..
Αν καταφέρω να κάνω ποστ (με το χαμο που γίνεται σήμερα) θα το δοκιμασω
Ευχαριστώ για τις απαντήσεις!

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