RE: AI learns to play Flappy Bird - the impact of machine learning on Steem Blockchain

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AI learns to play Flappy Bird - the impact of machine learning on Steem Blockchain

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I understand Piotr, you are a more serious person I see, and English is not your first language. Odd jokes or figures of speech may not appear the same to you as another person.

The government corruption is being investigated by an independent commission so it seems to be revealing a lot. It is more like a hearing where whistleblowers can speak out.

South Africa is far away but it has always had lots of mineral wealth which the global elite like. It used to be a geopolitically strategic place before the Suez canal was built as a trade route to the East, but that is less important now, so we are off the main radar in world news.

As for land confiscation without compensation, their is still a debate going on and no major crisis has been reached yet. People are not outright losing their land yet. Government wants to make some moves in that direction though. We will see in the next big election in May what happens. Things just move more slowly here in Africa, like in India too.

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Dear @julianhorack

I'm not serious at all. But my sense of humour sucks. My jokes are awful when I laugh - noone else does :) That's about it :)

But I'm generally very easy going, smiling 90% of the time. Just being funny is not my thing...

Did you ever consider moving out from SA? Many people seem to run from your country the moment they can afford to do so.

Im sorry for such a late reply. For some reason I've missed your reply and I only had a chance to read it now.

Thx for always being so responsive :)