Why we cannot see Air????

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The other side of this inquiry is: what makes something obvious? With the end goal for a comment obvious to the human eye, it needs to interface with light in the noticeable electromagnetic range (around 400 - 700nm for people).

At the point when light goes through a question, one of four things can happen:

  1. Ingestion: this happens when the photons of light collaborate with the electrons in the material and the photon surrenders its vitality to the electron. The outcome is that the electron moves to a higher vitality level, and the photon vanishes. This influences items to look murky. The shade of a dark question is reliant on the scope of frequencies that it didn't ingest.

  2. Reflection: this happens when the photon surrenders its vitality to the electron, yet another photon of indistinguishable vitality is transmitted.

  3. Transmission: the photon doesn't interface with any electron in the material and light leaves the material at a similar recurrence that it came in.

  4. Scrambling: as notices, the light associates with issue or structures in the issue, being retained and re-produced in an alternate bearing.

Air atoms are meagerly conveyed, so light going through air has a little (yet non-zero) shot of cooperating with air particles along its direction. Notwithstanding, if there's a great deal of air (envision a 50-mile extend), bunches of these unlikely connections include, and the impact of the air particles winds up unmistakable. Rayleigh diffusing, which is the wonders making the sky be blue, supports light in the blue/violet districts and happens while cooperating atoms are substantially littler than the wavelength of light.

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