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RE: Sex Differences: Do females and males have different brains? Addendum

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You’re the man.

Great information, organization, articulation.

I dunno where I get my beliefs from, a combination of life experiences, reading etc. But I generally had the same idea (hypothesis?) that biology makes up the initial structure but the social aspects -upbringing, experiences , influences, etc.- at an earlier age (and potentially after and continuously) affect who a person is overall, not just in the sex/gender realm.


Yeah. I guess, thinking about it, it's not such a radical hypothesis to have. The difficult part is offering arguments for how that may be the case, and exploring the ramifications. In many animals biological differences are exaggerated by various behaviors, for example a male bird adding a fake feather to his tail to exaggerate the tail-size that is already, on average, bigger than a female's. So I think to some important degree our socializing men and women toward greater extremes is an attempt to accentuate those already-present biological differences, and, ultimately, to attract mates.

The problem (re: socializing) in humans (which is also a great “blessing”) is the ability to think, speak and form an opinion. Because one can influence their fellow human with more than just the physical senses but all the psychological.

Where everything gets skewed beyond a relatively uniform specieal (of the species) normalcy.

Like genes, like memes! One physical, the other mental.

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