Qi - Disease Induction via Electromagnetic Biological Warfare

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In my personal opinion, this film is reporting a true phenomenon, but the researcher, whilst notable for discovering AIDS and being a Nobel laureate, may be a little behind on the state of the art, as its potential for horrific weaponisation was realised in the Soviet Union during the 1980s. That he says that he is working for a private entity is also unfortunate given the reality of this technology.

On January 19th, 2017, shortly after some CIA documents became available, I linked to a few on MFMPs FaceBook page.

One paper linked on that day, I have recently introduced again, that is the one that referred to 'Cold Fusion' as just being a new phase of matter that they had been researching in Russia for decades and in developing it, they found that, in principal, it could provide reaction-less propulsion and energy sufficient to get to Alpha Centauri and back in 12 years with 1kg of iron as fuel.

Another paper linked that day, was on the work of Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev, which referred to 'Cold Fusion' going on in living cells, work that was conducted from the 1970s onwards.

"V. Kaznacheyev's associates have already conducted more than 20,000 experiments (at the human and individual cell levels) and have come to a sensational conclusion - a special field form of life is present in living matter.”

If this form of life is detected and if this is done in a laboratory doing classified work, the temptation may arise to exert a special influence on the human mind and abilities. From there, it is but one step to a terrifying psychological weapon"

In my personal view, this field form of life is, or is connected with, Qi - this is why I mentioned it (by way of first asking questions on this forum) in early comments about ‘O Day’ - an, as yet, unpublished media package. If it is indeed the case, what does this say about these, apparently 'recent', discoveries?


  • finding these documents and

  • having spoken at Stanford and

  • coming to my realisation about Shoulders/Hutchison explaining LENR and

  • following the blank response from Puthoff and Little when I wanted to talk with them about it and

  • after speaking to the sadly departed Norris Peery and

  • then, after realising the potential weaponisation of LENR and subsequently discovering the work of Judy Wood just 3 days before my IIT Mumbai presentation, it led to

  • (RedPill) which led to

  • Seeing some of the effects in and after visiting Suhas Ralkar which

  • resulted in studies on Strange Radiation after which

  • I was informed by poster (LION if I recall correctly) on this forum of the work of Tomas Bearden.

  • Later that year, after getting some of his books in August 2017, I realised this is all out there and has been for decades, but it is too unbelievable for most to want to entertain.

In Bearden’s "Oblivion" in many places, but for example on pages 47 - 49, he refers to the technology as

"Disease Induction via Electromagnetic Biological Warfare".

On page 48, paragraph 2 he says

“The immune system reacts to what it detects, not to what is actually occurring"

My comment on this (since I used to work at an antibiotics factory) is that is exactly how immunisation works - the body thinks it is detecting the signature of the active pathogen, but in fact it is a, say, disabled one - say something that produces the same ‘signal’ but cannot multiply. The body is activated to go and fight and deal with the perceived problem.

Often, people who have immunisations can feel some of the effects of actually having the disease - what they are experiencing mostly, is the bodies response.

Now, imagine you had 8 vaccinations at once - your body would go into a state Bearden refers to as “immune system spreading” where the body has to divide up its disease fighting capability on many fronts. In this state, the person is at risk of contracting anything in the local environment as their immune system is effectively over-worked. He attributes ‘gulf war syndrome’ partially to this.

Now, on page 50 he says, based on Kaznacheyev’s experiments

"The EXACT structural pattern of the NECESSARY DISEASE INDUCTION ENGINES for anthrax can be directly “recorded” from the EM emissions of sickened human cells or humans with anthrax. Such ordinary EM carrier emissions do contain those specific anthrax EM disease engines as unfolded Whittaker patterns."

Some public info on this Kaznacheyev discovery

So would be bad actors have choices:

  • induce a whole bunch of immune responses in their targets, so they get sick from any pathogens in the environment
  • induce a specific immune system disease response, such as anthrax, in a target population that may optionally have already had their immune system capability ‘spread’ by multiple recent immunisations.

Of course, you could induce auto-immune responses, if manifested like Lupus, you could then induce psychosis by proxy, over and above the direct EM psychological state induction Bearden also discusses.

What equipment or approaches would you need to ensure precise or group targetting?

  • 'optional' health monitoring, this could be done actively, via MEMS or other sensors, such as heart rate, blood oxygen, pupil dilation, skin conductivity etc or by looking at a users search history, messaging or comments in conversations or third party references in their broader social graph
  • controlling bodies should mandate central databasing of medical records which would be easier to secure in a single payer system
  • ideally, some members of the persons blood line would have submitted DNA testing and a potential controlling body should encourage DNA submissions - acquisition could be done during routine medical procedures without the targets consent. Once secured, it is relevant for life and subject to misappropriation.
  • device that tracks targets position
  • said device would need to be self powered
  • said device would need to have a means of both sensing and transmitting EM waves in a range of frequencies, ideally in micro-waves that water responds too and above
  • said device might beneficially have an induction coil (act in way as shown in DNA transduction video above)

With such a device, you could induce sickness symptoms directly or by proxy by ‘spreading’ out the targets defences making them very vulnerable to natural or deliberately introduced pathogens local to them.

Bearden talks about the reality of making whole cities sick with very little EM radiation, fooling mass symptoms of 'desease' / malaise by way of low energy broadcasting of recorded signals on carrier waves.

Many people might express different symptoms of different diseases based on their recent immunisations, health, age, exposure to stress and pathogens. It would be nearly impossible to prove a cause for a city that got a lot sicker. Off course, if a person unwittingly had a suitable device on their person, you could target individuals based on their social, racial, religious or political persuasion.

To close out, the EM induction based charging on all modern smartphones ... well, that is called ‘Qi’. Do you think it is a coincidence?


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