Home built Anti-Gravity device?

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Some time ago, I was sent a video link by John Hutchison to a Russian garage researcher that claimed to have produced a practical anti-gravity demonstrator. On close inspection of the video, it had some problematic editing that made the overall presentation lack credibility. This was rapidly picked up on by the people that viewed it. Indeed, I offered the researcher to devise a test method and video recording session that would settle any doubts.

However, the researcher, to his credit, has addressed the main complaints in the original video and has made another on-camera presentation aimed at addressing the lack of rise of the device and falling out of shot that are the 'money shots' missing from the original presentation.

Top View

Side view with hand for scale

Partial script from key test which can be seen here

Here is a raw machine translation of the key part of the new video. My comments are given in square brackets. The full machine translation is here.

We'll go through the practical part of our experiment now, I'll show you again the levitation of the disk at home and to convince you I'll show you something. I just pounced on top of it and such rings ring a ring-shaped you all doubts that it's a forest and how one year ago remember was filming here here passed my shadow here was the equipment that regulated you for the first time see the devices which I did not show here this indicator of the gravitational field with the help of it did not make the same drive the same same before also an apartment or room and also like a year ago in the same place and I will conduct a repeat experiment.

Well, here it is, I do not remove my disk from close range when it turns on so that the phone does not bug more correctly iPhone because my electronic clock and other electronics while the disk is working disconnects a close distance to learn and the phenomenon of UFO the same thing repeats itself unambiguously because when you do not appear it turns off and the cars stop and motorcycles all electronics for the sake of all the other devices the same with the iPhone.

[he is saying that electronic equipment fails in close proximity]

Here is my disk, somebody thought that I disguised a drone - there's nothing disguised, all the same, it's not fans, it's two discs with the same magnets. Well here I will try to make this easy for myself, so I will skip the long process of adjustments. I'll show you only the actual rise of the Anaku ring, because there's no point in sitting a long time waiting for me to adjust the settings.

[in a previous video, he was accused of disguising a drone, and so he is taking this video to address this and other complaints / questions]

So that from this distance again now, I'll get ready and start covering up about starts to start again now we'll catch the moment we opened it went gone gone went from fixing try and try to stabilize (laughter) now for a minute now this ring from misses the result of answering and there is no incision of anything [laughter]. Well there it is.

[He gets the device levitating and puts the ring over the top and drops it to the floor.]

Lift-Off! - Alexey, the claimant says that it takes a good while to get the parameters just right

So we remove the terminal, it is necessary to constantly adjust here, it hangs it even looks like the channel home gravity. Now remove the terminal download she fucked, not so fast really, slowly sat down took waiting a minute there is well.

Device in 'flight', appearing to match its weight and that of the supported wires in levitation

Ring test showing no support from sides

Short time after control power turned off, device starts to become unstable and then drops

Dear friends, judging by all the above, I realized that I was challenged and a serious challenge as you see I answered him I hope everyone finally well satisfied with the answers well presented here.


The device as I understand it currently, would seem to employ charged plates carrying high voltage produced by Tesla resonant technology, combined with two spinning discs driven by computer fan motors or similar, the lower plate appears to have a number of high strength magnets attached to it. Overall the construction looks simple, but the claimant says that the control electronics and details of construction are not simple.

In the previous video, he notes that if the power source and control electronics could be mounted in the device, one would have a self-contained Anti-Gravity (AG) demonstrator. As some one that has been a part of the early development of ultra-light-weight 'flapping wing' technology for sub 20 gram drones, the challenge is always to loose the tether which can serve as a source of real criticism as much as a technological barrier. One might think that if this device is changing the local space-time structure, extra on-board weight may not be a problem - however, communicating with it remotely may, as even if there is not some space-time effects on control electronics - there may well be EM/RF etc. interference from the Tesla based high frequency/voltage component of the drive power. If it is changing the constants of the physical vacuum, then one may find that only direct biological control in a scaled up version would make a self-contained flyer possible - which presents safety risks, physical and possibly mental - however these risks I am sure would not deter many volunteers who would be more than willing to take the plunge for the chance to be the first to 'fly' such a device.

The only place where the claimant has clearly let themself down here, is that the tube loop could have been split and re-joined out of camera shot. On the plus side, the hemispherical dome at the top does not reveal any tether wires which would be harder to remove auto-digitally, however, having said that, I would have been able to do even that given my visual effects experience - even using tools a decade old, particularly since the background is largely a single tone.

Blow up of the key moment where the ring is off the camera shot above the device. Nearest neighbour scaling to 300% was used to avoid introduction of additional smoothing or sharpening artefacts

It does not appear that the claimant is breaking and re-joining the ring as his hands are separated during the whole time that his reflection is caught in the dome, particularly since the join is basically inside his right hand. However it really would have been useful to have had a wider or secondary shot capturing this moment, negating the need for reflection analysis.

The movement to the side and then oscillating back and forth around a potential support wire axis on lift off is the most troubling aspect of this new experiment.

Still, this is the most interesting claimed development in public demonstrations of AG effects since those recorded by John Hutchison in the 1980s.

Here is the link to the full video