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Terrific post about diabetes! @holbein81 I want to add three points that were not mentioned about Type 2 diabetes. First, it is hereditary so if your mother, father, brother or sister have Type 2 diabetes, start being proactive about your health sooner rather than later. Secondly, stress triggers Type 2 diabetes and you can be the healthiest, thinnest person around and get it. Drop too much stress onto certain people and that can be the catalyst that triggers the onset of diabetes. Not all obese people are diabetics just as many healthy weight, thin people are [diabetic]. Lastly, if a woman has gestational diabetes, she is almost 100% guaranteed to become a Type 2 diabetic at some point later in her life. There is new information about Type 3 diabetes as well. Type 3 diabetes is a title that has been proposed for Alzheimer's disease which results from resistance to insulin in the brain.

Thanks @ninahaskin - all good points!

There is so much info on diabetes you could write a mini series with separate posts on causes, symptoms, treatment, complications etc

I kept this pretty high level as was almost trying to cover too much!


Your post about diabetes was terrific @holbein81 and I think you should create a mini diabetic series! I only wanted to mention a few things those who might be overwhelmed by a recent Type 2 diagnosis.

Thanks! That's definitely something to consider - unless you want to do it? 😀

I'd be willing to do a collaboration with you @holbein81

I do not apologize, there are cures for all dis-eases already and the thought or perspective that states that this is not true is only attempting to manipulate the mind of the people from not knowing this. I am not taking away from what one has stated, on the other hand I am adding too. Not with all the science, or doing my own blog on the facts to which I have stated. and maybe in due moments I will present information to the facts.

But it doesn't hurt to get other involved in looking at the many sources and ways there are to heal ones self. This is a fact-I healed my back with mostly thought alone.

Hey, how are you doing?

Not sure I totally follow, but I think you are saying that cures have already been discovered for all diseases and then covered up rather than made available to the population - that right?

If so, I would disagree, but everyone’s entitled to hold their own view, no?

Cheers, thanks for commenting

Yes that is what I am saying, and this is not my own view as the truth must go for everyone. So an opinion is not truth, it may lead to truth but it of its self is not ever truth. I have plenty of facts and I am walking proof that one can heal through vibrations and frequency. if you disagree then one has been brainwashed by the system one speaks of. I am tired of getting that sentence thrown in my face. If a scientist came on here and said this stuff was fact and has been fully tested would you listen then. I have proven this scientifically. You are right though you do not have to agree. But that is only due to you not taking a look into what I am saying before disagree which means if you do not fact check me out, out much do you do with the ones actually lying to you.. There is cures for all diseases this is a fact, not an opinion and the fact that you put ones facts into that position shows one is closed minded to facts. I am not here to make shit up. Or get credit as the truth for everyone is for everyone and no one human owns the truth do they.

But I guess I am making no sense here, and pharmaceuticals help you right, and chemo therapy doesn't not work 97% of the time, that last part was stated by a physician for over Twenty years. Cannabis cures brain cancer and you are telling me that there is no cover up. What place do you live in reality or your own small perspective bubble because the first is not the latter and vice versa.. Thank you for commenting back with out anger but ones statement I have heard from over a thousand people so one is definitely not original with your retort to truth.

Hey, thanks for the long reply, and apologies now for my own long reply!

I am going to reply to the various parts of your post with my view and/or my questions. As I said - or if I didn’t I am saying now - I am not interested in getting into arguments on this stuff. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as long as they don’t force it onto others, and life is too short. But I will ask questions, which you are free to answer or ignore…

I will never believe that there are already cures for all disease in the absence of definitive proof. You say it is a fact but I have never seen any proof of this - can you please share it

If you have cured yourself from something due to vibrations and frequency, then this is great - but this does not make you walking proof. This makes you a case study, and it may not work for the next person. The difference between evidence and anecdote is a critical scientific concept, and this is anecdote, not evidence. How have you proven it scientifically?

If a scientist said that it was scientifically proven I wouldn’t instantly believe it, I would want to read the paper for myself to see if the paper was scientifically sound. I would also ask the same of you if you say that it is scientifically proven. I am happy to look into what you are saying - if you have data and evidence then please share so that I can make my own judgement as to whether or not I believe it

I have never heard the statement that ‘chemotherapy doesn’t work 97% of the time’. My questions would be: Which chemotherapy? For which conditions? In which patient population? How strong is the evidence? etc etc. Can you point me in the direction of the data confirming this statement? I presume it must be a meta-analysis covering all chemotherapies for all types of cancer, which is a huge undertaking. As written, your sentence is very generic and I wouldn’t believe it without some proper scientific proof

‘Cannabis cures brain cancer’ - basically, the same questions as above - which cancer, can you please share the data?

As I said, I am not interested in getting into fights over this stuff, but I work in a very scientific environment where comments/claims such as the ones you have made need to be backed up with evidence

Cheers, hope you’re having a good weekend



I never thought of sugar as a drug until I made the mistake of taking a glucose tablet. Basically a sugar pill. I felt like I had drunk about 4 beers, dizzy sick feeling. I thought that I had broken my body. It's 4 grams of Dextrose! Whoa nelly! @ironshield

Haha, you used to be able to buy them as sweets in the UK - can’t remember the name tho

It may still be a long way off but at least it is a step in the right direction, especially since my wife and other family members have it

It is definitely not an easy problem to live with but today technology does make it a little easier for people with diabetes.

A lot of my friends used the medicine from an Indian company called Himalaya. It helped a great deal and some of them even cured it all together. But, I don't know what type of diabetes they had. Maybe it is worth looking into it.

Great article my friend, well written. Upvote from me.

Have a great day. :)

Interesting. I need to read more about this Himalaya medicine from India. There's a another one, made in Germany, called Jardiance that has impressive results and also prevents cardiovascular disease. Happy Thursday, Duro!

Haven’t heard of Himalaya - but for sure it’s true that automation, implanted pumps etc are helping!

my grandmother also had it. Any step in the right direction is a good step.

@holbein81... the picture of what you showed on what not to eat was right on. I have to remind myself that if my plate has mostly tan-colored foods, it's time to add green.

Very true - I love chicken wings tho...

Extremely informative and useful post buddy. Loved reading it. Who on earth does not want a cure for Diabetes. Millions suffering from this and only hope we get a cure for this soon. Because once diabetes is under control other deseases also would take a back seat automatically. Upvoted , resteemed and following u as always.
Regards Nainaz

Thanks Nainaz - hopefully everyone wants a cure!

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That's a very informative post like diabetes
Thank's for sharing sir.
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Great post man!


Thank you. What’s with the picture btw? I think it has a typo - fallow?

si en realidad decía "seguir" pero no se que la traducción -.-

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Great post, I agree with you. I will followed you, I hope you want followed me too

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Wow, this post is very helpful and Valuable!!! Your Post is Great!

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very informative as now a days diabetes is growing in our society mostly because of our lifestyles

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There is a docu series, and webinar series i have been watching called 'The Sacred Plant'. some of the research and information presented in that would be beneficial to this