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RE: What Are The Long Term Metabolic Effects Of Childhood Malnutrition?

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From first-hand experience, I noticed that children from well-to-do families are usually taller than their counterparts which I think boils down to the diet/nutrition of them compared to the almost non-existent one of the poor families. Even when the poor family children later catch on in life and experience a better food/diet, their height never gets to that of the more affluent family's offspring. Of course, this was never an experiment carried out, just something I experienced which I guess may just be my mind playing tricks on me.

But are there any scientific explanation for this?


A lack of nutrition during developmental times can result in stunted growth, so yeah people who eat better certainly could grow to be a bit taller on average.

Not in my case and my brothers. I certainly eat on an average portion of the meal and with some diet that I followed constantly but still, I don't get the desired height. And it's totally opposite with my brothers, yet they are all taller than me and they smoke a lot. :(

Thank you. That sucks for most families in the developing country such as ours.

Is food expensive there? Or just unavailable altogether?

Food is very expensive. One of the basic commodity here costs a lot. I live in Nigeria and trust me, you can use almost all your earnings on food. Its really very sad and demoralizing.

The well-balanced diet food type is kind of expensive.

What is expensive to you, can you define that for me?

There's garri the high carbohydrates based staple food which is almost affordable by a lot of families. But most protein-rich food eg. meat, fish, etc are a bit more expensive that some families only get to have them once a week especially on Sundays.

I guess you are a Nigerian too. Even Garri price is rising. I don't know where this country is moving. The cost of living is too high. As a student, you have to work part-time because your parents cant definitely cater for all your needs. This has led to increase in crime rates and diminished the reputation of our country

No no how much money is "expensive" is my question. Expensive to one area is not always so expensive to another. I'm curious what expensive means in your area.

Ok. Most food more than $5 USD is regarded as not for the common folks. The government minimum wage is less than $100 USD per month to give you a perspective on things.

Does this have something to do with the pursuit of cash crops impacting the availability of native crop diversity?

No, the country is over dependent on fossil fuel exploration. So other things like agriculture are relegated to the background. In the '70s, agriculture was the mainstay of the country with us exporting a lot of cash crops like cocoa, groundnut, palm oil, etc. But the oil - black gold or curse (depending on who you ask) is like a virus that had spread and infected and crippled other sectors of the economy.

That is quite unfortunate and ironic given the huge role fossil fuels play in modern agriculture at every step of the process.

You know there's more money there which appears to be easy to grab. Suddenly, agriculture does not look attractive again. Many will look at you as a poor person who'd gone crazy if you say you are a farmer. But if you work in an oil company, even as a janitor :) you are the man! It's sad but true situation of things.

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