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RE: Bugs in the news: Corn snot helping end hunger and pollution

in #steemstem2 years ago

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

Should such a breakthrough occur, I wouldn't be suprised if it led to some people getting a trip to Stockholm.
It should be surprised instead of suprised.


I wanna be slightly peeved, but this bot helped me fix a typo, so meh.

Still not as impressive as other technology here that see poems!

@snowyknight I need to look at the bot's response and see if we can trick it into correcting a 'mistake' such that its correction is a haiku, potentially summoning the other one.

Bots correcting bots! How the words would fly that day. Jabbering. Unheard.

I am fully with you @effofex. Someone like the Grammer bot, so intentionally spell it wrong so that that it asks us to change the spelling but then the spelling permits a haiku. Is that what you mean?

Then? No more need of humans! Hahaha joking we have a couple of years, I hope...

Good points!

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