SteemSTEM Promotional Sticker Fund Raiser!!

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Update: I should have thought to include this initially.. If you would like a sticker(s) I will of course need an address to send it to. Please contact me either on (@foundation) or via email: [email protected] I will confirm that you are added to my list. I will place the the order next Wednesday, September 20th.

I’ve recently created a logo for the @steemSTEM project, and want to get some promotional stickers made! I’m creating this post to raise funds - any SBD earnings here will go toward the sticker purchase - so upvote and resteem! (You’re also welcome to donate SBD if you’d like - just mention steemSTEM or stickers in the memo.)

For those who haven't yet heard of steemSTEM, @justtryme90 has a great description which you'll find at the bottom of his posts!

SteemSTEM is a community driven project which seeks to promote well written/informative Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics postings on Steemit. The project not only curates STEM posts on the platform through both voting and resteeming, but also re-distributes curation rewards as STEEM Power, to members of Steemit's growing scientific/tech community. To learn more about the project please join us on (, we are always looking for people who want to help in our quest to increase the quality of STEM (and health) posts on our growing platform, and would love to hear from you!

As of now, I plan to use as they’re not only the cheapest, but I’ve purchased from them before and they are of good quality. I’ve had one on my laptop and one on a metal telephone pole for about a year now and they still look great! There are two shape options and a few colors to choose from:

1. Rectangle: 4.25” x 5.5”, 4 mil high gloss vinyl. The cost for 25, 50, 75, and 100 stickers is $30, $43, $55, and $66 respectively. (plus $11 shipping to me.)

2. Circle: 4", 4 mil high gloss vinyl. The cost for 25, 50, 75, and 100 stickers is $49, $76, $99, and $122 respectively. (plus $11 shipping to me.)

There will then be shipping costs from me to whomever wants them, which for 1-5 stickers should be around $1 per shipment. 

Please let me know in the comments which is your favorite shape and color! Most likely I will only have 1 color printed as it’s most economical, but I suppose it will depend on funds raised.

Please bear with me through this process as how many stickers go out will depend on how much money is raised. I will be transparent throughout the process, but I can't guarantee that every upvote will recieve a sticker.. Feel free to comment any other suggestions you may have! You can also reach me on @foundation, or by email at [email protected] This is also where you can share your address to get your stickers! Oh, and I'll be posting source files (including this gif!) to the steemSTEM group so that everyone has access. I can send them out upon request as well :). 


You've done such a fantastic job with the logo, the gif and finally the stickers! I will certainly get some from you. :)

Thanks! Making video is very new to me so the gif is pretty basic :)

Those look really great! That's an awesome logo! I want to buy one for sure!

Well the idea is that I'll be able to send one to you for free! Just need to get some whale attention 🤔🤞

We don't usually draw that much in terms of whale attention (well not like some projects at least). So if it doesn't happen... we will figure out another solution. :)

Ooohhh 😍😍😍😍😍
Square red @foundation! Pleeeaseee !

!!!! My favorite too!

Love the project! Looking forward to looking into it more thanks for sharing!

Great to hear! Be sure to check out There's lots of interesting discussions going on!

Thats grrat logos

Great job! Those stickers look so cool! :D

Goddamn this is cool :D

Gets my upvote :)
Don't even care if I get a sticker or not, just wanna make sure this thing gets out there :P

Thank you for sharing @foundation ...blessings

You did such a great job!
I've upvoted and resteemed this post and sent you what I can to help. Good luck!

Can I use it on my posts too? I'll give you credit of course.

Of course! Everyone is free to use it :)

Wow nice project

fuck, they all are so good. Can't say I have a preference really. And that gif is fucking awesome! Can I use it on my posts please?

Amazing work, i love all of them.

The design is both like a circuit board, like a human brain. I like the animation. It is very funny and lovely.

Thank you :) Yep! and also reminiscent of molecular structures..

i prefer the first , the red colored ones. nice work, upvoted

Awesome design!! I would love one for sure~

Great job! Congratulations!

wow its amazing

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That's great to hear! I accept of course :)

Let's hope it catches the attention of some whales and you can get some funding.

Nice idea, have an upvote!

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Wow amazing. good work friend.

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