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RE: Sex Differences: Do females and males have different brains? Pt 3

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Does being gay make you more feminine and less masculine 🤔. I don’t know
Homosexuals are just so talented and very innovative.
I heard da Vinci was gay and a feminist as well and obviously he was a genius. Sam Smith is gay and is so talented
Elton John is gay and well he is a legend
Alexander the Great was gay
The lost could go on.

My reading of the biographies of many let's-call-them "great individuals", whom I admired and who happened to be male, gave me the impression that they were more feminine in their characteristics than the average male Joe.

By characteristics you mean ?
I just thought well
Were these guys homosexuals?


Heh, you seem to have a fascination with homosexuals!

The post had nothing to do with homosexuals actually. When I say men who have feminine characteristics, I mean characteristics that are usually ascribed by society to females, or that research reveals are indeed on average more prevalent in females. Cooperation is such a characteristic. Sensitivity also. Being more aversive toward physical violence is another. Empathy (you need a great deal of empathy to be a novelist for example).

Hahahaha. Thank you
I’m quite clear on this now

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