Do Aliens Really Exist? [ET busted]

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One of the major questions that has been left grossly unanswered for long is: Are we really alone, or is there a life form elsewhere in the universe (or multiverse, as the case may be)? This question has lingered for millennia, and one which, even science has not been able to provide a definitive answer to. 

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People have believed that aliens have contacted us in the past (though this assertion has not been scientifically proven, or rather it has not been made open for public consumption). But from my own opinion, judging by the distance of the earth; in light years, from other proposed inhabitable planets, why would alien species come all the way from there to earth and leave unceremoniously?

But this does not overrule the fact that there could be possibility of ET life forms. The universe is too large to actually negate this possibility. Even our galaxy; the Milky Way, contains hundreds of billions of stars, not to talk of other galaxies that exists.

Note: Our galaxy has a distance of about 100,000 light years across. And 1 light year is about 10 trillion km

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With these proofs to the existence of vast multiverse, it is statistically improbable that we are the only living species in the whole multiverse.

Also, there’s a point I’ll like to state here before I continue. There are not just eight planets as some people believe. Overall, there are over 800 confirmed planets (plus exoplanets), and thousands currently waiting for confirmation. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

This is the reason NASA launched Keplar (A 1 meter telescope, with a 950megapixel camera) to observe and study over 130,000 stars in our Milky Way galaxy.

Have other solar systems been found?

Of course yes. One of these includes the Keplar 62. This is a 5-planet solar system. Amazingly, these five planets are similar in size to terrestrial planets. If you start looking for ET life forms, this should be your first point of call.

Now, with all these proofs, how do we still think we are alone?

Is there a confirmed evidence of life beyond earth? 

According to NASA, it has not been fully confirmed. But I will drop some details that could point to life beyond earth:

In our galaxy alone, there are over 200billion stars. Each of these stars, on the average, has one orbiting planet. And 1 out every 6 is earth-size. That means, there are over 33billion potential earth-sized planet in our galaxy. Also there are over 100billion galaxies. 

So you see, the probability of having an ET life form is getting pretty high. But with the vast multiverse, it will take very long to fully prove their existence.

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