What is SteemSTEM? (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

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What is SteemSTEM?

The steemSTEM platform is a network aiming for different activity to increment both the quality and the visitilibity of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) that is using Steem technology via posts on Steemit.

It is believed that the STEM disciplines are specialty points for talk, however center subjects fundamental to the long haul development and improvement of Steemit as a web based life center point. The team is doing a great incentive an trust that the improvement of a flourishing STEM people group will serve to both hold the present statistic just as acquire new users through the introduction of both intriguing and front line material to the blockchain technology and using Steem dapps.

The task looks for to some extent to accomplish these objective through the immediate advancement of value content posted on Steemit. The evaluation of the nature of the substance is accomplished by a group of guardians with aptitude in different STEM disciplines who give their time for the improvement of Steemit and the network.

Essentially, it doesn't welcome only people of Steemit but any person or group of people is welcome to post their articles through this stage and it will experience a few phases to be quality constrained by the caretaker group and whenever affirmed by the keeper group will be shown, However, there is another choice to continue showing presents with labels related on the data the post has the help of the custodian group or not.


SteemSTEM accepts content in various languges, with anticipation that development should come by time if English is not that good. Content can be shared in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Serbian. Additionally, the SteemSTEM group incorporates a group of guides helping newcomers, both on the substance side and on the language side.

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Supported by many projects and listed on many apps , one of them is #stateofthedapps to

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