Resistor and Colour coding and its Tolerance

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What's a resistor:
It's an electronic device used to provide resistance to the flow of electric current, to actualize a desired performance of a electric circuit.
According to ohm's law state

current flowing in a circuit is directly proportional to the applied potential difference and inversely proportional to the resistance in the circuit", mathematically the resistance is measured in ohm.
Ohm's Law is given by: V = I R where V is the potential difference between two points which include a resistance. V = (I/R)

Resistor is a basic component that all engineers and instrumentation discipline should know about. It introduces resistance.
R= (PL)/A
Where, R = Resistance (W)
P = Specific resistance or resistivity of the material.
L = Length of the conductor (m)
A = Area of cross-section of conductor (m^2)

  • Every electronic circuits use a lot of resistors, and basically with the functions:
    To Limit the flow of current, Provide load, Produce a desired voltage drop and also to control gain and
    Fix time constants etc.,
    Resistor is measured in Ohms
  • The simplest combinations of resistors are the connected in series and parallel.
    Diagram of a resistor connected both in series and parallel.

    ° Resistor connected in series shows the flow of charge current flows through the devices sequentially. in diag (a)
    ° Parallel connections, when each resistor is connected directly to the voltage source by connecting wires having negligible resistance. In diag (b)
    For further illustration visit connections
  • There are many types of Resistor that can be used both in electrical and electronics circuit, but we can basically categorize them in two different types
    Fixed Resistor
    Variable Resistor ( or Potentiometers)

A fixed Resistor is a component with two wires, and cannot be changed, as the value of the resistor is set.

while Variable Resistor are usually a cylindrical shape with a rod out one end and with three metal and are subject to change and manage a flow at below and in a specific level.

for detailed and well explicit data on Resistor check

Basically will be looking at the colour coding of Resistor and its tolerance.

The Colour coding uses coloured band to easily identify the resistive value of a resistor and the tolerance percentage.
3 band Resistor
4 band Resistor
5 band Resistor
6 band resistor
Below are the chart for the bands and the Resistor colour coding and its tolerance percentage value.
Visit, For more details on RESISTOR COLOR CODING

Links and picture source...

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