The Curious Case of Victor's Fracture.

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Hi my dear Steemians, this post is an adaptation and improvement in english [ENG] from: Source. An incredible story about the events that happen every day in our world.



It was about 38º of wind chill in the street, a 5 year old girl was walking with her father holding hands, both of them were happy while they played paper rock or scissors. Just before she left, the girl's mother was tying her shoes in a hurry because she had just been called from work for a promotion offer she always wanted.

Don Pedro was there that afternoon, as always, selling ice cream in the Plaza de San Juan, and on a hot day like today it was the opportunity he was looking for, since the rains of the previous days did not generate a profit for him. Fortunately for him, the previous morning he had repaired the refrigerator from some faults and was now able to work the afternoon shift without problems.

Victor got out of the taxi and when he saw his watch, he was 20 minutes late, so he went first to the cashier for cash and then crossed the square to enter the restaurant where his client was waiting for him. He had set his watch to wake up after a lunch nap at 3pm, but when he realized he didn't hear anything, he could see that he had mistakenly set the 3am.

A bus driver was driving down Victoria Street, the first stop from the passenger terminal was the square, so many people came to look for the best seats. The previous night the mechanic was so drunk while repairing the transport brakes that he told the driver that he was not going to charge him anything, as he diagnosed them as being in good condition, and that the noise he had was a lack of grease in the front axle. He tried them and apparently it worked well.

While Don Pedro was wiping away the sweat of a hectic day, he began to pick up the ice cream containers to go home and count his profits. He turns his face to the right and greets Victor, who greets him early and tells him that he is late for a meeting. The customer waits for you right in front of the ice cream stand across the street at the restaurant. Right there and on the other side of the wax, the 5-year-old girl, impressed that the ice cream man is about to close, shakes and detaches from her father's hands to cross Victoria Street while the driver looks at an elegant woman absently at the bus stop. At that moment Victor crosses the street and looks back at his client who was impatient at the tables outside. The braids of that infanta come loose in the middle of the road and she stumbles off her delicate feet while her cold, unskillful father tries to signal the driver. The driver blinks and immediately depresses the brake fully, putting so much pressure on the damaged discs that they are released and cannot stop immediately. Victor took less than a second to analyze that he was in the middle of that scene where he was in the middle of the street with a girl down and a bus without brakes.

As soon as he could react, he grabbed the one-armed girl and pulled her quickly towards her father, while with the same impulse he swung to the curb and the driver was still braking to no avail....


Fortunately for the girl nothing happened to her, but Victor could barely pass her body when her left forearm hit the edge of the concrete sidewalk. It was so fast that in the cameras it seems that he saved the girl perfectly without hurting himself. The bus stopped 4 meters ahead and a crowd gathered in front of the scene once it happened.

Up to this point, we could all think...

  • What if the mother had tied the child's shoes calmly?
  • What if the father hadn't been distracted the moment the little girl came loose?
  • What if Don Pedro hadn't repaired his refrigerator to continue on the afternoon shift?
  • What if Victor hadn't set his alarm wrong while taking his nap?
  • What if the mechanic hadn't been drunk to repair the bus brakes?
  • What if the driver hadn't been distracted at that very moment where it all happened?

There are many variables that dominate the fate of people. The moments are just as inexplicable as they are inexplicable, there are situations that test each one of us to define our future.

Victor is now, after 4 years of the surgery we did to make him fully recovered, he has 2 plates on his forearm that reconstructed his bones and while he was hospitalized he met a nurse and got married. The client who was waiting for him and who was going to sue him gave up after being moved by such a courageous act and we still have contact with him.

Each life is defined by moments.... Don't ask yourself for a "What if..." always answer with a "I will".


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I was just browsing different #postpromotion channels on Discord and I somehow landed here.

I was blown away by the initiatives and projects you are involved in.


Thank you @enforcer48, I've tried my best to do my best to show it to the world. It is not an easy task but for me it is very motivating.


I'll definitely be reading! It'll take me some time to get an idea of what is going on, but I'll get there.


Thanks for your interest, friend, I'm glad to hear from people like you.

Son situaciones de la vida, con la gracia de Dios no fue tan lamentable, bueno y por lo menos sigue mejorando, saludos.


Así es @donrito7597, son situaciones que nos ponen a cada uno de nosotros atados al destino. Un abrazo para ti :D

Glad he recovered! @ironshield


An extraordinary recovery, thank you, my friend.