This is actually a great feat. I congratulate you, @dexterdev. I've gone through the link you shared and read the journal. It looks great and fantastic though I don't know anything about interdigitization of molecules. I don't know if you can just give me a lil explanation about the whole concept, I'm pretty much a solid state physics guy.


Thank you. I will soon write a summary article when I am free. Also I can tell you in our steemSTEM discord channel whenever you are free. Just tag me there. 😊

Congratulations. Your family must be so proud. An amazing accomplishment!

Thank you. :)

Looking forward to that summary @regularowl cookie votes :D

I will write it soon. 😃 Thesis writing is the priority these days. But I will do for sure.

Congratulations for the new paper! Note that it may be good that you make your images :)

Thank you @lemouth. I never thought I will get steemstem vote for this. I will write my paper summary using for sure. I use steemit for my usual shitposting these days. When it comes to stem posts I use steemstem. :)

I wil try editing the pic too

Ahaha I see. No worries :)


Unfortunately, it is behind the SPRINGER paywall!

Easily fixed with sci-hub as you mention :D

I can't even understand the abstract though. Hopefully you'll do a good job dumbing it down for us when you publish on steem!

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