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Nothing can be human (thus intelligent) other than a human himself.

People from the past also believed the Earth was the center of the universe, and then that the Earth was flat...

By saying humans are the only ones capable of being intelligent, you are indirectly saying you don't believe in the possible existence of advanced extraterrestrials some place in the universe for example?

With AI it is just beginning, and something like Siri was unthinkable a few decades ago, today it is totally common to have an assistant that is similar to Siri.

I do believe AI will shape our world in ways we cannot predict now, I also would like to leave this interesting article here in case you have some free time ^^

Cheers @erh.germany


I'm assuming a probability of alien intelligence. Whether it is superior or further developed or not, who wants to answer that? For me, however, this is not a really important question that moves my mind. It's more of an entertaining interest and I like watching science fiction films that fascinate me very much and sweeten my evening free time. I have read many SF books and found them enriching. The main aspect of my interest lies rather in the philosophical or psychological questions that concern and reflect this world through and through. These are ethical issues, such as the "top directive" in the Star Trek series. They concern very terrestrial questions and problems.

My main aspect in this article was to make it clear that human intelligence is incredibly complex and cannot be measured qualitatively and certainly not calculated.

I assume that there can and will be no AI in this very special sense. Excluded from this are all other AI systems that pursue a technical rather than a psychological approach. What bothers me most is that there are voices that assume that an AI can calculate morale and ethics and that I'm disturbed by the assumption that you can overcome a social phobia by interacting with an AI. How do you see this particular aspect and what do you think about it?

I read part of the article that you recommended to me, I skimmed over part of it.... I am not yet sure what my position is or how I will write it down or whether I will do it...

Cheers to you, too.

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