Introducing: Curiosity Science Contest (Rewards For Good Responses)

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It has been such an exciting and fruitful journey for me ever since I joined steemit just  2 months back. As a science enthusiast, I wanted to write about various topics that left me both awestruck and curious, with the intention to get you to feel the same way! I hope I was somewhat able to live up to the expectations of my followers. But now, I think it’s high time to make things more interactive and fun by organizing a contest.  

This Contest is being organized with the help of @steemstem  

Contest Introduction 

Since I promote science on steemit, this contest will be science related. However I don’t want you to worry, it’s going to be fun and simple. In each announcement post I will provide you with three Pictures as clues. All those Pictures will be related to one another. All you have to do is write a post showing what you think that relationship between all those pictures is!

 For Example: If the first picture is of ant, second is of sugar and third is of citrus. The article response should cover all these clues and could be: “Why do ants love sugar but avoid citrus?”   

Contest Rules 

There are few Rules you must follow. 

1. The title of your post should start with “Curiosity Science Contest Response #1”. 

2. You need to add “steemstem” tag and also add “curiositycontest” tag. It will be easier for me and steemstem to find you post.

 3. Your response should be within 7 days of article. 

4. Follow me and steemstem for more future updates. 

5.  Resteem the announcement Post so that it can reach more people.  

Contest Rewards 

Three winners will be announced and the rewards will be as follows 

First Place 

· 40% SBD generated from the article  
· A randowhale vote
· 7.5 SP from @steemstem 

Second Place  

· 30% SBD generated from the article
· A randowhale vote
· 5 SP from @steemstem 

Third Place 

· 20% SBD generated from the article
· A randowhale vote
· 2.5 SP from @steemstem  

  Every good entry will also be curated by the steemstem team.  


First Picture:

Fig: Hydrogen Clouds (Credits)

Second Picture

Fig: A Star (Credits)

3. Third Picture

Fig: Black Hole (Credits)

You have to write an article including all these three pictures. For example you can write about "3 stages of star" or you can create your own topic. But all of them must be related.


 Steemstem is a project started by a group of scientists. The goal of this project is to promote good science, technology, engineering, mathematics and health postings on steemit. You can use the #steemstem tag in your articles, if you are writing about science. The team puts in many hours of effort to curate and help the best STEM content posted to the site every day get some bigger rewards!  You can also find the chat channel on 

If you have any question regarding this contest, leave them in the comment section below 

Thank you 

Stay Curious.  


awesome idea of this contest, i would to participate my self

Upvoted and following!
However, I think I'll wait until you decide to create a contest about mushrooms to participate. I don't know anything outside mycology.

just write a post starting with "these three images have nothing to do with Mushrooms. And speaking of mushrooms...."


You're a genius!!

that's funny lol

Haha. Sure, mushroom post is for the future

Wow! Its interesting contest ....

What an intriguing contest is this?! I'll see if I can figure it out!

Just Give it a shot. You are a good author :D

Thanks! I'll do my best!

Thanks for sharing the contest on MAP. Fun contest :)

Thanks! We should spread the word of such efforts! Steem on my friend!!

Im gonna participate in it... and i like the unique way of your contest...

Sure .. It will be nice to read your article @himal

This first round has a lot to do with my favorite thing about the universe. I'll definitely be writing a post for this contest!

Good content! Whale done:)

You are a good whale!

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@divinekids love science... we will try to give this a go from my 8 year old son's POV.

thanks! Cheers, @arrliinn

sure .

Thanks! We just did ours! 😉

Nice contest

Thanks .. You are welcome to participate

Sure. I will

Interesting contest I think I can see the connexion, I will write up an entry soon. But one questions: how are the winners ranked? subjective rating?

Just Give it a shot. :)
Winners will be ranked by the quality of their Post.

Good luck with the contest!

I love this contest !

Thanks.. m expecting a very interesting article from you :D

I will try my best, though the competition is gonna be hard, we have some real experts on the subject :/
Resteemed and 100% upvoted. Thank you for using my service!
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I appreciate your enthusiasm for science, and your idea for getting people involved. However, my current stance on science is that everything I have been taught is wrong. EVERYTHING!

Such as, you obviously are going for the birth, life and death of stars, in the above pictures.

However, I no longer believe in black holes. They are a mental construct because of the immense amount of gravity that would be needed to hold a galaxy together. And then this nice lady astronomer found that spiral galaxies spin as one. Like all of the stars were glued to a plate. This pretty much destroys the notion of gravity as the force to hold together the galaxy, and thus eliminates the need for anything like a "black hole".

Further, working with the electric universe models, black holes don't, and can't exist. And stars are not formed by big piles of gas all gathering together.

So, I will bow out of your contests, and try not to post disrupting replies.

But we can observe black holes' effects... We can see light bend around them, stars fling wildly as if grabbed by an immense source of gravity. It's crazy to imagine, and we obviously can't see them directly, but if not a black hole, what could be causing all the observations that we contribute to the existence of black holes?

I do not know what you mean by "stars fling wildly". All stars in a spiral galaxy go around the center at the same revolutionary speed. As if all the stars where pasted to a plate.

Most of the other effects are all hypothesis and urban legends. There are too many stars in the way to see what is at the center of the milkyway galaxy. Other galaxies are too far away to get an accurate view of what is at the center.

We don't know what it is, however, I can tell you it is not powered by gravity.
It is, imho a completely new set of forces that science hasn't even postulated yet. Like the strong and weak nuclear forces, we may be looking at the strong and weak galactic forces.

Further, astronomers have been viewing what they call jets from the center of galaxies emanating out from the center of the disk. It could be that these are actually energy flowing in. Or one could be an out, and the other an in.

Stars don't orbit the center of a galaxy at the same speed though. Here's just one of many links I found with a super quick search.

And a timelapse of observations made of stars orbiting a central point (a black hole)

Look up Vera Rubins.

Sorry, I have not the internet to watch this video, but I doubt that it is real. It is most likely a CGI of a concept.

Because Vera Rubins took decades to make sure her observations were correct. Do you feel you can do time laps photography over decades?

With satelites, yes. Those are images taken once every few months. I'll look up your nice lady astronomer, but I'm pretty sure she hasn't proven Einstein wrong.

Einstein wrong? Oh, that's another lady astronomer.
Einstein's theories predicted the orbit of Mercury to about 96%, this lady theory predicts to 99.999%. (sorry, it will take me forever to find her name)

Further, either Einstein is correct or Tesla is correct.
My money is on Tesla.

Can't say I didn't try. If you're willing to refute evidence when it's placed in front of you, there's nothing else to be said.

I would to participate and try as my best.

Very much enjoyed writing an article on this - my first competition entry!

I am gonna take part :D
Thank you for this contest

Yay! I found some science! ⚡️

This contest is great! I actually read a few entries before finding this.

So... to be perfectly honest, I was looking for some sciencey-folk because of my most recent post.

I've been wondering why the ice in my ice trays have sporadically been growing up.

I've looked it up with no luck. I thought I'd try here and see if anyone can shed any light.

There's a very clear picture in my post of the most recent offender.😲

Thanks for taking a gander (if ya do). 🤞 Fingers crossed 🤞 you'll have an educated guess.


Growing Up: The Little Ice Cube That Could

Moments after I commented this, someone gave me a hint: spike. Lol! I never used that word to search...😐

It's quite simple .. when water is cooled, ice formation starts from outward to inward, meaning ice formation starts from the surface of water and goes inward. If there is any hole present in the outermost layer, the water is pushed out. As the water is pushed out , it freezes immediately and forms a spike.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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