Bounty for aspiring authors

in steemstem •  10 months ago

The $FLOW team is looking for three talented writers, who will write about the topics, that are associated with our project.

A couple of words, about our project: $FLOW coin is proposing two innovations, not yet seen in the current crypto ecosystem:

  • Proof of Flow ( award users proportionally to their popularity on the internet - a metric we call flow )
  • embed source code in the blockchain, allowing for seamless updates

We can not say how much you will earn at this time, but the idea is If you are good and write regularly, you will be able to quit your current job and focus on your writings.

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Very interesting idea and good for writers. I belive, it's a start of a big flow.

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Really looking forward to what turns out from this. I am obsessed with studying flow and have ready many of mihaly csikszentmihalyi’s books. I’m not a very good writer unfortunately, however I’m looking forward to reading whatever is produced for your project.


No need to be so harsh on yourself. Have you written an article about flow before? If not here's 1 steem to stimulate you. Thanks for reaching out.


Thanks. No, I haven't. I just talk about it a lot. I'll see what I can come up with.


Good luck, I think you will do great! Thank you for responding.