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RE: The Brain: Meditation, Flow and Literati Art

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Hey agmoore2,

now I'm back at home and had some time for reading. Once more this article is perfectly made. It's well researched, informative, entertaining and has your special vivid attitude.

Maybe one question: Do you know how to start meditating?

I want to try this. Maybe I can improve my performance.

Or at least become a bit more relaxed.

Let's see




I'm afraid I have a restless mind. Sometimes I think I need anchors to hold it in place. My ambition also is to try meditation. All the best minds, and hearts, do it.
I think it might be a mistake to have the goal of improving performance. That's a very Western perspective, and it's likely I am also afflicted. To meditate properly, I think there should be no goal but the thing itself. That's hard if you are a goal-oriented person. We have to strive to get away from that, because, after all, where are we going? :))
Once again, you've influenced me (as with the book). Today I will start. Maybe you can, also, put a few moments aside, begin modestly. Good luck, to both of us :)
Happiness and peace,
Regards, AG

You are right. We have to learn more from these old masters. Meditating is probably more than the practice itself, it goes very deep to the principles of life.

Nevertheless, if you find some "meditation manuals" post it, please.

You can try this:

Hi @alexander.alexis,
Wow! Those people certainly look happy. I hesitate to "download". My son has me paranoid about bad actors in cyberspace. I'm smart enough to know I'm ignorant, so I listen to him. But only about computers :))

You're right I don't download either. But this specific one is made by a person who's a famous US TV anchor who had a very live (on air) meltdown, so I guess he can be trusted! I did the web version here but it's retired apparently:

You can also search for 'headspace' or a guided Sam Harris meditation on youtube.

Thank you so much! I can always use more peace in my life :) And there is certainly space in my head 😁
Have a wonderful, peaceful day, @alexander.alexis

Thank you! Do you also have something which is less 'interactive'?😉

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See my reply to agmoore above, though I don't know exactly what you mean by less interactive. There's books about meditation but you might waste time on something that is, by most accounts, a very simple and basic procedure.

Oh a book is cool! Thanks for this. Best Chapper

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I'm going to look. That's a great idea :)

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