Thanks so much for stopping by. My book came! This should be fun...much better than reading articles on the Internet.
kandel book 001.jpg

Oh now I see! It wasn't shown in my partiko app on mobile phone.

Good choice!


Thank you for bringing Kandel to my attention. Sometimes we're asked, if we could bring one book on a desert island, what would it be. It seems this may be it! He takes such a sweeping view of science and culture. This parallels my way of thinking closely. Of course, he's brilliant, but I get where he's going, and it resonates with me. I once took a course with William Barrett, who had a similar comprehensive approach toward experience...
Sorry, my enthusiasm is carrying me away. And I've had two cups of coffee :))
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. Chinese literati art affects me. I think there is potential there for cultures to come together, for people to communicate, to see a commonality between nations and peoples. And yet, the art is so specifically Chinese :)
It's obvious that you work really hard, and yet you are generous with your precious time. Thank you. It was cheering to find your comments here. I hope you enjoy your weekend.
Be well, and be peaceful,

Sorry, my enthusiasm is carrying me away.

No trouble. I know his works and I'm also convinced by his intelligence and soul like you. I don't know this book in particular but it seems like it is more spiritual. I always enjoy reading something like this as well.

If you wanna have another recommendation: The book of Steven Covey with the 7. habits for effectivity.


Thank you for the recommendation. I don't think The Age of Insight is spiritual, although I do think Kandel 'has soul'. The book (almost 600 pages--only $18, used!) is rich with color plates. Beautiful art. Very readable exposition on science and art. Kandel integrates ideas that are usually isolated into 'disciplines'. He doesn't see disciplines...he sees a related whole. Psychology, culture, art, science. These are seamlessly synthesized. I've just read small bits...a sample...but already he's got me reading up on Klimt. Ashamed to say, the name was familiar but not the work.
Thanks for touching base Chapper. I hope you are having a restful, fun spring weekend.
Warm regards,

Yes, Kandel really loves pop-art.

I think I will buy this book as well.



I also enjoy reading books much more than online articles. What do you mean with your book?

Nothing like the smell and feel of a physical book!

However, lately I've been reading more and more digital, (a) because of space considerations and (b) because it's so much easier to grab a passage and paste it in my 'diaries' and make my comment to it, and (p) because you can get many of them free online :P I save my money for rarer things you can't download and that cost upwards of 50 euro a tome.

@ alexander.alexis: I love the Internet for its speed and accessibility. But in this case, the book is not something I will consume. I'm going to keep returning to it and perusing different pages. It only cost $18 US dollars--used, but in perfect condition. It's been a while since I've had a book I looked forward to with such enthusiasm. Wish I could share it with you :)

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