Egg is considered as VEG or Non VEG

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Eggs are not veggie lover. Chickens are creatures/fowls so their eggs are creature matter too. Regardless of whether the egg has been prepared is totally immaterial, eggs are chicken.

Take a gander at these stages

There are two kind of Eggs. One is treated . It contain zygote. It has life which at last formed into full fledgling. So It is Non veg.

Other kind of Egg is non treated egg. In spite of the fact that it is just sustenance, not life but rather it isn't the normal nourishment item. The nourishment put away in egg is for its developing life and creature life is available in it .

On the off chance that it is another kind of egg i.e without life cell , it isn't consider as normal nourishment item so not regarded as veggie lover.

So somehow, Egg isn't veggie lover.

Chicken eggs are two sorts, prolific and fruitless. The vast majority of the eggs that are devoured are barren

The egg is the hens menstrual period. Unfertilized or not its not satvik. For instance would anybody eat human female period? Its debilitated isnt it? same thing. eating hen eggs is the time of hens.

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