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RE: Bugs in the news: Corn snot helping end hunger and pollution

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Okay, it took me a while to get that that was slime and not water covering the roots! I'm tired...

I'm afraid that biology is a touch on the thin side for my knowledge, but I am impressed at the "science done right" part. Part of this problem is the media reporting of preliminary results, but the adage that you quote, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent times... However, that said, this is an interesting claim!


@bengy Another piece of the problem is the push to shovel papers out as quickly as possible. Combine that with a bias against negative results and massive (but not deliberate) misunderstanding of stats, and well...

Oh yes, all of those have contributed in a systemic way (with perverse incentives). The stats problem is depressingly large (especially in the non physical sciences)...

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