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How Bees Make Honey Is Another Life Mystery You Need To Understand. And don't forget that learning is a continuous process. Mystery in the context means something difficult or impossible to understand or explain.

Honey is the only food produced by insects and consumed by Human. BEES are Unique.
Bees are flying insects closely related to ants and wasp(Any insect of the order hymenoptera and suborder aprocrita, they are neither a bee nor an ant) . Bees are the main character in the process of producing Honey but generally most people say BEES produce HONEY, Some persons even say with confidence that HONEYS are BEES excrete.

Have you also find the precious time to make researches and get to the root of how Honeys are truly made? NO. Because you don't wanna know little about everything or because you are not going for a quiz competition/Contest.

This post is aimed at shedding more light to the Mystery of how Honeys are produce and How Bees carry out the process of Honey making together with the how Human gets Honey for Consumption.

Firstly we need to know What Honey is

Honey is a sweet, viscous food substance made from flower nectar, usually combined with enzymes secreted by bees and concentrated with the reduction of moisture in the honeycomb cell. The scientific formular for this definition is Sucrose(Nectar) + Invertase(Bee Enzyme) which is equal to Fructose+Glucose= Honey .And Honey is the only food product that contains all essential nutrients needed by the body and it's an healthier alternative to sugar.

Sucrose(Nectar): Is a Sugary Liquid gotten from flowers by bees using their long tube-shaped tongue and stored in their extra stomach different from their food stomach or a place known as CROP. This sugary liquid(Nectar) splash around in the CROP and mixes with enzymes secreted in the bees stomach which transform its chemical composition and pH, turning it into a substance that can be stored for a very long time.

Bees are usually found in BEEHIVES( a structure in which bees live in and make honey,it is usually found in a hollow tree) during the process of Honey Production either the one created by themselves or built by the Beekeepers.
So therefore, when the bee return to the Hive from where it got the Nectar, it passes the nectar to another bee through Regurgitation(Regurgitation is the eruptionof material from the oesophagus or pharynx, usually characterized by the presence of undigested food or blood, it is very common to birds and insects for feeding their youngster).
This process is repeated until the undigested nectar gotten from plants is completely deposited into a honeycomb.

When deposited into the honeycomb cells,
it is still a viscous liquid, not yet the Honey you desired, Bees get all extra water out of the honey by fanning the honeycomb with their little wings just to fasten the process of evaporation.When most of the water has evaporated, the bees secrete liquid from its own abdomen to cover it up to avoid dirt which makes it harden and sticky to BEESWAX, This is a way BEES store honey providing them with perfect food source for cold winter months. But Bees are not the only one with sweet tooth, Other Animals like Human,Bears e.t.c, that also have sweet tooth and find interest in Honey go there to Harvest .

This is how BEES makes Honey. But it's not so easy for them to do more because it takes at least eight different BEES all their life time to make a single teaspoonful, That honey people buy in kegs. But Fortunately for us they produce more than they need, so we can have some for ourselves too.

Thanks for Reading.
IMG-20180521-WA0006.jpg(Picture by me)

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What an educative post. Added to our curation list.

Courtesy of @nmalove


Wow!!!...Thanks to the @WAFRICA community

Hello @anikys3reasure, nice article you have here but you should only use images that are free for commercial use or with permission from the original owner.

Also, there is the need to reference your sources in science articles such as this.

You can check here and here to learn more.

You can also join the steemstem community on discord to learn more



Thanks to you @rharphelle and I greatly appreciate the STEEMSTEM.... I will surely make amendments where necessary.


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I am a lover of honey for its antibiotic properties, antioxidant property also. Even did my project on it. But never bothered knowing the process of its produvtion which is very wrong of me. But i thank you @anikys3reasure for the knowledge shared ma'am. More ink to your quill. Lots of love from @rabiujaga.


Thanks boss..... You are always welcome.


Yes ma'am. Stay steeming.

Nice well written post.