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There's a lot to say about Aquatic Animals but first we need to know what Aquatic Animals are.

Aqua simply means Water. All animals either vertebrate or invertebrate( where vertebrates are aquatic animals that have backbones and invertebrates are those that doesn't have backbones) which lives in the water for most or all of its life, whether in the fresh water(such as lakes, rivers, and ponds) or in the salt water(Like the Ocean) are generally know as AQUATIC ANIMALS. (19).jpgSource
Whether you’re peering into an ocean, lake, river, or other body of water, you’re bound to find an array of beautiful and diverse aquatic animals. From coral reefs to mucky, slow-moving rivers, these animals in these environments couldn’t be more diverse or amazing. Your first stop for aquatic animals is Kipp Aquarium. Underwater environments there recreate exotic places, like the ocean reefs of Australia and local environments of the Texas coast. Natural Encounters has several aquatic tanks, housing an ocean reef, jellies, four-eyed fish and a large tank full of piranha with a tunnel kids (and adventurous adults!) can crawl through.Source.

When people are asked about Aquatic Animals the only or First thing you hear is FISH But we have various types of Aquatic Animals. which are:

  • Fish
  • Aquatic mammals(like whales)
  • Mollusks(such as sea snails)
  • Cnidarians(also known as jellyfish)
  • Crustaceans(like Crabs)

Fishes are good examples of a total aquatic animals because they live the whole of their live in the water.They are cold- blooded aquatic animals, they have gills that enable them take oxygen from the water to breath, they are vertebrates because they have backbones. some fish live only in fresh water or saltwater while some can live in both, example is the salmon fish.
Fishes only lives in water but MAMMALS can survive on land and in water. All aquatic mammals are vertebrates animals, meaning they all have lungs, they give birth to live babies(they don't lay eggs and are warm-blooded). while aquatic mammals depends on water to live, some aquatic mammals such as whales and dolphins lives only in water and some even exit water for some times(e.g. beavers and seals) because they breath through their lungs and not gills, these implies that they cannot survive under water. They do come to the surface of the water to get air for breathing before diving in back.

You can recognise an aquatic animal with all but not limited to the followings:

  • Gills: The ability to hold their breath for a long period of time under water
  • Fins or Limbs and webbed feet adapted for swimming but webbed feet are peculiar to animals that doesn't spend all their time in the water(such as beavers and otters)
  • Tails (always vertical, acting like paddles), it enable fishes to have a side to side movement while aquatic mammals only have Flucks, but theirs are horizontal which enable them have a up to down motion.

These are the little out of more to say about Aquatic Animals.

Learn to know little about everything.

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