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Samsung Group

  • Samsung Group is one of the largest electronic companies world. Founded by Lee Byung-chull and Kang Gary on 1 March 1938 in Daegu, Korea, This company operates in 58 countries and have more than 208.000 workers. This company until this time also became one of the biggest brand in the world with out the smart phone which become jawara in competitive market shares gadgets so. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy.

Now the company operates in 6 areas of business, namely telecommunications (Cell phones and network), Digital Household Equipment (Including the washing machine, micro wave oven, refrigerator, VHS player and DVD, and others), Digital media, LCD, semiconductors, and motor vehicle (including the machine).

This company is one of the conglomerates (chaebol) South Korea the largest start as the company export on 1938 and rapidly expanded to other fields.

This company has a great impact on the development of the economy, political, media and the culture of South Korea and has become the driving force behind “Miracle of Han’s River”. Its affiliated companies produce approximately one fifth of the total exports of South Korea. Corporate earnings are the same with 17 percent of GDP South Korea, namely : $ 1.082 Billion.

The company Samsung :

  • Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • Motors Co.,Ltd (Renault Samsung Motors that work with Renault) Samsung Bank Co.,Ltd.

  • Insurance Co.,Ltd

  • Heavy Industries Co.,Ltd

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Samsung Products


Mobile Application


Audio & Video

Consumer Electronics Products

Motor Vehicle (CAR)

Renault Samsung Motors is automotive company origin South Korea. The first time was established with the name of Samsung Motors 1994, and start selling cars 1998, Exactly when South Korea was hit by the Asian financial crisis. In the end, The company is negotiating with the Renault and on September 2000 Renault buy 70 percent stake in the company with the value of 512 million US dollars.

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SM3 Z.E.

Semi Conductor

  • DRAM


  • Flash Memory

  • Hard Drive

The history of Samsung

  • Samsung Group was established in 1938 by Lee Byung-Gi-chul (1910-1987). In 1951 the company changed become Samsung Corporation.

  • Samsung Electronics was established in 1969 in Daegu, South Korea with the name Samsung Electric Industries that initially produce electronic devices such as TV, calculator, refrigerator, heat sink pool and the washing machine. In 1981, the company has produced more than ten million TV black and white. In 1988, the company joined with Samsung Semiconductor & Communications.

Identity History Samsung Logo

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From 1938 until 1969

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from 1969 to 1979

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from 1980 until 1993

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from 1993 until 2013

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from 2013


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This company is certainly huge! Even though they have a lot of products and services my favorites Samsung products will always be their TV's and refrigerators :P

Yeah, samsung is a very great company at this time. But I prefer product xioami, examples such as the smartphone, laptop, because the price is very affordable and the quality is almost the same with samsung. 😛😁

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