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RE: Sex Differences: Do females and males have different brains? Pt 3

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And the long awaited last part. Hopefully not the last part.
Long read, had to read part 1 and 2 again on a clear head.
You have very interesting hypotheses and I really hope to read more on the matter as this is very interesting to me.
Indeed, I have never thought about masculine and feminine being two different axis. Would this dare to explain the "in-between" genders and if so, is anyone else knowing it? Since it seems to me it's pretty important.
Also another question that arises is: can we test our children and supplement the hormones, is there a "normal" level? Would we want to modify the hormones in children? Are there laws for this? If a parent senses (or measures) the hormones in his child, could he and should he act to supplement that missing or reduced hormone?

I mean we have Pandora's Box right here.


It's definitely not going to be the last part of this series (on sex differences), but it's the last part of the brain series (for now!)

One of the most famous sex researchers, John Money, tried to do something like what you're talking about, and it didn't go well. As usual in science, knowing how things work doesn't mean we know how things ought to be (the famous gap between the is and the ought that David Hume talked about: science studies the is, ethics the ought).

I think those differing levels of hormones create all these wonderful experiments that make the world a more interesting place, and create those accidents that will then become our artists and thinkers. But in some cases, since parents have the legal rights over the child, doctors may step in, with their concent, to fix something seen as a problem, which is sometimes so grave that it seriously hampers regular functioning of the child.

Thanks for the comment and the read!

I have really appreciated the articles and the fact that you throw your David Hume or Lolita quotes. Really kept it funny and easy to read, despite the sheer quantity of the different info presented. Best read of the week.

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