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RE: The Dark Side Of Technological (Industrial) Revolution - How Safe Are You?

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When I was a child, many many years ago, it was predicted that automation would yield a benefit to labor because it would result in more leisure time. The work week would be shortened. Workers would have more hours to spend with families.

Of course this vision was premised on the theory that increased productivity would benefit all and that gains would not be seized by a few. What actually happened was that the owners of production (forgive me for sounding Marxist here) kept all the benefit for themselves. Increased productivity meant more profit, not better quality of life.

I'm with @alexander.alexis--UBI suggests that the benefits of increased productivity should be viewed as a societal gain. All of society would enjoy the benefits. This model is the only viable way forward. We have to change the paradigm.

As @chappertron suggests, automation can make life more comfortable (if AI doesn't try to kill us 😅), unless we let a greedy few exploit progress for narrow gain. Continuing along that path, as @samminator's article suggests, will lead not only to environmental catastrophe, but also to social unrest. Even the greedy few will suffer consequences then.

It's the political season in the US and tonight there was a debate between presidential candidates. Coincidentally, economic and social justice were high on the list of topics. This article really hit home after that debate.

Provocative and important topic, @samminator.


Nice comment buddy. Just like I also tell people "hope for the best, but be very prepared for the worst"... this also applies to the field of technology.

automation can make life more comfortable (if AI doesn't try to kill us 😅)

The last part got me laughing so hard. I remember I once wrote an article about humas merging with machines (ai) to save the future of humans... maybe when ASI will be created, we'll know if they'll kill us or not 😃