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RE: Trekking Tech - A Hoopla for Hiking

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Where were you? Your photos look like "home"...that is, my home, when I was growing up. We lived in the Hudson River Valley. I wandered with my brothers through the forest on a daily basis, but never acquired any "skills", just a love of nature. The kind of love that makes me catch my breath when I look at your photos. Your second photo reminds me of the stream that ran behind our house. Whenever we went up into the mountains we had to cross the stream. Perhaps my one skill was learning how to hop on rocks and use them as stepping stones on my way yonder.
I enjoyed your essay very much.


Thanks for sharing your memories and enjoying my writing! I plan to reveal more information about the trail and the hike in a future post, but let's just say it is more Midwestern than Hudson but undoubtedly formed by the same glacial processes.

The love for nature that you mention is the critical component. Backpacking skills can be picked up at any point, you just have to be committed to the cause.

I am familiar with the area where you grew up, it is beautiful there! Hopping on stones is a skill that comes in handy more than you might think. I appreciate your response and hope you like the upcoming articles in the series!

Thank you for that lovely reply. I will of course look for your follow-up blogs. The adventure continues...
And you're right. Hopping across stones in a stream is a skill. Getting that wrong can be a chilling 😄 experience.